Elite motherboard ECS H67H2-M Black Deluxe review

The H67 chipset that supports Intel's Sandy Bridge CPU, motherboard has allowed manufacturers to make some awesome boards also built for mATX standard. Indeed, most boards are almost as characteristic support their brothers and sisters full size ATX.

The latest addition to this list is H67H2-M Black Deluxe. ECS Deluxe Black range is the performance of the boards to become a better cooling, better quality components in power circuits, and more tinkering, the BIOS options.
The H67 offers integrated graphics by Sandy Bridge core to enter the game, although the only overclocking, you can do is the graphics engine.

The version of the SAT-M H67H2 review came with a B3 stepping reassuring label big in the box, which means it was built with the latest version of the chipset. That means it should have SATA problems disappear performance degradation associated with the original building B2 Intel boards first iterations of the bridge of sand.

H67H2-M Deluxe Black certainly seems in part, is a worthy member of the family with a Black Deluxe black PCB part by the Council of gray and white and the ports of departure. And because it is part of the performance of ECS, composition boards, there are quite a few 'the way of additional features, like its bigger brothers ATX.

Some of these extras are very useful for small form like beefier power circuit components, such as solid capacitors, which in this case, are useful to help keep the running board cooler.


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