digital video camera security system Logitech Alert 750i Indoor Master Review

The alert system from Logitech which I speak is a basic video surveillance, but this shows how easy it is to create and network.

The basic system includes a network camera inside and a network card and some software to control and monitor of your camera. additional cameras (up to six in total) can be added. Logitech has also sent out a waterproof camera (model 700E) so that my system had only two cams.

The trick, of course, network cameras, networking. Many of the systems "do you rely on a Wi-Fi or require direct lines to the network. Both of these options can be problematic. Wireless sounds nice, but the Wi-Fi usually buggy, and then you still have the copper wire face. Wired cameras are generally more installers and require drilling through the wall.
The cameras are equipped with a range of mounting accessories for easy editing. The Ethernet cable is the variety of planes, it is easy to paint according to your walls.

system uses Logitech's HomePlug Powerline networking using your home using existing electrical wiring to transmit data signals. You have an outlet, you have access to the network. Makes the system even easier is the fact that the cameras are powered by the network connection (called Power over Ethernet or PoE), so you do not need an additional cable for each camera. You set the network card into your wall outlet, then connect the device to the adapter via an Ethernet cable.

To begin, I plugged an Ethernet network adapter, then to my router. So I plugged the adapter into an electrical outlet nearby, which is just by chance behind my router.

So I connected an Ethernet cable to the camera and a network card and the adapter plugged into another outlet, in this case in another room. I connected the camera outdoor essentially the same way, except the network card outdoors is a bit more robust to defend against water and climate.

When all is done, you can find it and alert software Commander cameras, it has done in my house almost immediately. Alert Commander you can watch the camera feeds and to make small changes, such as contrast and brightness. E 'can also set alarms for the camera motion sensors detect the activity. Optimizing motion sensors, you can select the specific areas of an image, can be followed, or the whole picture. For outdoor camera that I chose my driveway and the door. For the internal mode, the camera pointed out the door. The aim is to avoid triggering alarms when people are already in a room or area to move normally, but any new entrant will trigger an alarm. Reports and Snapshots can be sent to the main desktop or e-mail or smartphone.
If an email warning you care enough, you can view your camera remotely from any Internet-connected computer or smartphone. On a computer, simply connect to the site to view your cameras. To use a smart phone (iPhone, Blackberry and Android), you must first download the free application.
With the site or application, you can not do much more than to see your cameras. If you upgrade to a $ 80 year subscription, you can control your cameras remotely, as you would from your desktop software, which includes viewing of recorded video, send video clips and manage your alerts.
Logitech cameras record 720p resolution at 15 fps, which is sufficient security cameras. Video in broad daylight or in a moderately dim light inside is very good. In the dark, out of the camera really needs some lights outside for you to see much. Adjust the contrast control will help, but without external lights, just look at the field of black. That said, if you have an infrared camera, the night the video is always going to look bad.

The video quality is better when it displays on the main computer where you installed the commander of alert. During the application for the iPhone or a web portal, the quality drops a bit, but still good enough to see what's happening in your garden or living room.

The video is saved on your computer, but when you're not home and the computer is off, the recorded video directly into the camera on a micro SD card 2G. When you turn on your computer, SD card dumper on your PC.

Logitech alarm system should not be considered as a solution for those who want a complete security system. You can not combine a door or window sensors, customization is limited and does not tell the authorities if the house has been broken into or burned. In addition, you have to figure out what to do the notifications it sends. On the other hand, if you're simply looking for a house sitter to keep an electronic eye on your place while you're away or you want to know what the dogs have chewed furniture, this system offers everything you need.

Logitech Alert 750i Indoor Master - HD-quality Security System(961-000329)

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