desktop pc Polywell Ignition X 5800 review

Here, Maximum PC, we maintain statistics on cable news the rule that two points is all you need to create a trend. Polywell X5800 power, can show a strong, handsome and professional. 24 years has cranked Polywell workstation, server, and also Alpha platforms.

These roots workstation appear to affect the interior platform and, with 3.46GHz Intel Core Polywell chooses i7 six-990x processor overclocked to 4GHz conservative. The 990x is combined with Sabertooth Asus X58, 6GB DDR3/1600, a 128 GB SSD Crucial C300, and a Hitachi 2TB, uh, Western Digital hard drive. The big surprise is the GPU. Given that AMD was the first graphics company with a new dual-GPU card, we expected to find the Radeon HD 6990 is rich in Polywell. When we opened proceedings, instead we were treated to the best new NVIDIA dual-GPU GeForce GTX 590th Why not offer the Radeon HD 6990 cards? Maybe it is the result of the vendor relationships with suppliers /, or simply a matter of preference, but we wonder if something with the 6990th Radeon HD After all, if you look in the magazine this month, you will find a review of Asus GTX 590, but nothing for hot new AMD cards. That's because no maps were available for review.
Let's leave the matter to chair analysts. Instead we will focus on how the X5800 performs Polywell.

Against our current platform of zero, a Core i7-920 overclocked to 3.5 GHz, there is not much of a contest.

The roast Polywell X5800 quad-core 920 in total in double digits. Closest to the zero point was in our Adobe Lightroom Polywell reference where it got only 11 percent. Lightroom is not highly threaded and are mostly dependent on clock speed. The Polywell is clocked at about 13 percent higher, while 11 percent advantage is on the right. In games GTX 590 easily surpasses the previous dual GPU Radeon HD 5970 card by large margins. STALKER: CoP while 76 percent faster and Far Cry 2 (which is more dependent on processor performance these days) also saw a nice 51 percent boost. Perhaps the best comparison is based on Sandy Bridge Digital Storm Black Ops Enix we reviewed in April. Clocked at 700 MHz and above, with its Turbo Boost 2, it takes at 5.2 GHz, Enix manages to get ahead of the X5800 in all six benchmarks.

While it is certainly not a breakthrough price Polywell X5800 should be given credit for offering both a 990x and resulting primarily GTX 580 cards in SLI in a box of $ 3,500.

However, the three benchmarks, the Vegas Pro 9, Mainconcept Reference, and Far Cry 2, is surprisingly close considering the differences in clock.


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