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CMT HP Z210 is an entry level machine, which acts as an introduction to the world of workstations. Appropriate costumes (read: dull), this midtower machine is a member of our office more expensive cards, but is far above the competition we've seen so far. The usual caveats apply to the business office: A look at the kind reveal Commercial desktop machines that offer even more raw power for less cost. However, this workstation is facing a business environment, filled with top-level server components optimized for heavy workloads.

HP Z210 we reviewed was equipped with an Intel Xeon 3.3GHz E3-1240 - low power, quad-core processor typically found in servers and workstations. It has 8 GB of RAM (you can install up to 32 GB of RAM) and sports an Nvidia Quadro 2000 graphics card.
We have to do with the numbers of the first pure performance. Elsewhere WorldBench testing program, HP Z210 score was 150 In comparison, leading to a par with the Dell OptiPlex 460 (score: 156), business PC is equipped with Intel Core i7-2600 processor.

If the results are almost identical, why choose a Xeon processor? For starters, the Xeon processors are typically designed for use in servers. They heat and lower power consumption based on the Core i7 are designed for continuous use - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Xeon E3 also contains a number of business functions, such as support for Intel vPro technology and security Error Correction Code (ECC) memory. These two features add an extra Xeon processor, but when you work with important, sensitive data, experts agree that it is money well spent.

The same applies to the Nvidia Quadro 2000 graphics card. Built on the same architecture Fermi line we saw the GeForce GTX, NVIDIA Quadro professional boards have been specifically designed to operate reliably in harsh conditions, always. professional applications like 3ds Max and AutoCAD are also optimized to work with the professional cards like the Nvidia Quadro and AMD FirePro lines, produce, and accelerated performance and support do not meet the consumption patterns.

The HP Z210 is probably the right person in most work environments. It's par for the course of the business category - matte black shell with a strong emphasis on functionality over form. The face has three USB ports, one FireWire, multiformat card reader (with a USB port more), and headphone and microphone. The machine is equipped with a DVD burner and all the ingredients is fairly standard with large classes and desktops, but accessibility is always appreciated.

The rear of the machine offers to serial mouse and keyboard ports - the release of a pair of USB ports, and useful for offices with existing equipment.

Ethernet and 2.1 channel audio. The Nvidia Quadro 2000 offers HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI. A bit basic so far, but an expansion card provides a pair of USB 3.0 ports, and another featuring a pair of FireWire ports. Advanced connectivity is always appreciated, and all these optional expansion cards could sacrifice a little space to provide upgrade flexibility which is welcome.

A lever on the side of the housing provides a quick and easy access to HP Z210 is quite cavernous bowels. You will find three 5.25 "drive bays, one of them occupied by a DVD burner and a second card reader, and three drive bays, one occupied by the disk drive 1 TB

The Quadro 2000 is housed in one of the two PCI x16 slots and two x1 PCI host cards. This leaves a x8 PCI card and a pair of PCI slots for future expansion. All offers tool-less access chassis which is great - especially useful in an office environment, where you (or your staff) will want to do internal repairs and upgrades smoothly as possible. Less impressive is the work of wiring - it's a mess, with wires attached and ready without much care.

The keyboard and mouse are included generic wares HP - not much to say about them. The documentation is thorough refreshing, but generic. They offer advice on setting up and configuring all aspects of the machine, including detailed diagrams.

Performance Advisor, with all the HP machines - business or consumer - he brings a wealth of useful information and tools in a simple, concise package. The application provides a full report on your hardware inventory changes all the components and details used on versions of the driver, CPU usage and memory - it works.

Incorporate desktop graphics are complete solutions focused on consumer CMT HP Z210 - overclocked gaming machines based on who was responsible for blowing up a number with aplomb, and packaging graphics powerful enough to tackle video editing, etc.. But desktops are the masters of specialization and HP Z210 CMT stands out as a profitable business excellent machine. consumption patterns as the Bank Genesis Maingear F131 Super Midtower or origin can have a fantastic terms of raw power. However, the HP workstations are specially designed to meet the demands of the workplace, either by the consumption of energy and attenuation for quiet operation, or packing material that is optimized for software that professionals use.

But be sure to use the right tool for the job - if the design of the 3D and video editing is not part of your workflow, you better find a machine that is a bit more profitable.

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