Customizing your pc computer with Preferences

Although you do not design or build your computer, you can turn it into a device that reacts to how you use it as if you were born engineer or a programmer. This is because the computer is a single platform - a blank canvas if you want - you expect to lead paint operations or image of the perfect machine. All this is possible from some changes in the current configuration of your computer.

main settings of your computer is in the Windows Control Panel. In this small section of Windows, you can make significant changes in the way your computer looks like a computer responds to people who use it. However, their specifications do not apply only to Windows, also apply to many software programs that are installed on your computer.

 We will not cover everything, but we will present some of the more popular you can get an idea of ​​controlling your system settings you provide.
Users. Before joining the individual settings, it is important that each set of configurations, you are doing is just to sit at the computer. The changes to the system by a person other than the other changes. Use your username and password, the individual desktop settings (icons, wallpaper and other settings) are available when you log on to Windows.

Display Properties. Through the Properties screen, the user can change the background of the Windows desktop, add a screen saver, change the layout of the color and font in Windows, and adjust the color depth and / or resolution. Not just a bunch of my settings, the display features to help people who have to deal with vision problems.

Accessibility. Speaking of vision problems, is another option that is useful for people with disabilities. This option enables people with disabilities to use a computer that can accommodate vision problems and hearing.

Keyboard and mouse. Keyboard commands and mouse allow users to speed up or slow down the movements of these two units. For those entering the U.S. from a foreign country, users will appreciate how Windows using their keyboard grants native language. Other applications will appreciate the different choices of markers and the ability to add extra line breaks.

The password. Why use a computer can be shared with others, passwords, administrator of the Almighty to give way to understand all the users share the same preferences and desktop settings, or if users can customize the settings and desktop settings .

Locale. Things get really personal in an international context - that this configuration makes changes based on a user's location and language. Opportunities can satisfy the preferences of a person to display numbers, currencies, time and date format.

Sounds Properties. multimedia fans can create a rich PC environment, full of sound through this approach. They may be accompanied by a multitude of events and do not even have a list of default sounds for Windows installed. Users can download sounds from the Internet or create your own sounds microphone.
Dialing Properties. Even the way a user connects to the Internet can be customized. Through Dialing Properties, users can determine how a dial telephone and modem to an ISP.

From just the basic configuration options, you can create your own experience with a computer every time you sit in front of you. Customizing the PC makes a team truly unique and enjoyable, so have fun and create a situation at home or at work you will enjoy working with every day. If you feel a little nervous about it at first, remember that the original configuration of your computer can be stored on a backup if you ever want to restore the state where you were when you bought it.

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