Compact Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard ZIPPY BT-500 review

The T-BT-500 is a small plastic keyboard design of the humble black-no bells, whistles, or glowing backlit buttons, like the Logitech diNovo Mini. The keys are in traditional style and has been reduced to fit 0.93-by 8.86 to 3.9 inches frame. Smaller than a full keyboard, combined with the small keys, type of experience that had a little 'getting used to. Its compact design also borrows to be a good resource for mobile. The keyboard weighs just 0.59 pounds, and although the iPad 2 combo weighs less than a netbook .

At the top right of the keyboard is the "low battery" light to indicate that the two AAA batteries (included) must be modified. The battery should last three months, but varies slightly from user to user. The light also flashes when the pairing of Bluetooth devices (see below). There were no lights to indicate when caps or number lock is on, which is sometimes misleading. I was disappointed to see the lack of multimedia keys such as keyboards similar to that price, as Azio wireless keyboard Iogear Wireless Keyboard on the back ($ 74.95 direct, 3.5 stars), which provides controls for volume and media playback. In the bottom of the keyboard is a reset button to help pairing and on / off.
The BT-500 connects wirelessly via Bluetooth 2.0, which lets you synchronize with a variety of equipment. I found the BT-500 to be a useful supplement to take notes on my 2 iPad virtual keyboard, I'm sure Samsung losses Galaxy owners find the corresponding useful. With regard to smartphones, I found it easily syncs with the iPhone, but Android has been another story. Before you buy , I would check to make sure your device supports the HID profile, BT-500 uses. Because BT-500 Bluetooth uses older computers also be unable to sync with your keyboard.

You can sync up to 7 different units of the BT-500 and easily switch between them by pressing Fn + 1, 2, 3, and so on. To assign a specific unit for a number of keys, turn the keyboard and press Fn + number key you want to assign, and low battery light flashes. Now, after you are finished, bind the device with a keyboard of this unit will be assigned to specific key.

The BT-500 Zippy capacity pair with multiple devices and switch between them with the push of a button can recommend it. But without more to offer than a small form factor-BT-500 is overshadowed by the competition or Zagg Zaggmate keyboard , which acts as a screen cover, and a keyboard.

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