Colour Laser Printer HP LaserJet Pro CP1025 review

Cheap color laser printers are smaller, and this is one of HP's smallest laser models around.

The glossy white case and black textured background includes a paper tray 150-sheet front, but, unfortunately, without a cover.

control area along the right side of the printer's top cover is the beginning and Cancel buttons and four warnings, one for each color toner. CP1025 is a single USB connection back, but CP1025nw, £ 40 others, including both wired and wireless network connections, too.

HP rates at 16 pages per minute (ppm) for black text and 4 ppm in color - the color slowly is the result of the bit of the old printer's carousel that accrues each color in turn before printing page.
Our speed tests at a speed of 13 ppm in black and 3.3ppm, so that the company is quite realistic in its demands. The black rate is good for entry-level printer, although the color speed is slow compared with other printers like Dell 1250C (see box), which reached almost 7 ppm in our tests.

The print quality of the Color LaserJet CP1025 Pro has been good in many respects. Black text was crisp and clear high resolution of the printer to ensure crisp and color characters on plain paper were bright and attractive.

Registration - black text printing on color, and anything that might cause problems on printers carousel like this - was also good. Some pictures of our test prints were a bit light on red and black zones of shadow, but was still passable.

The real problem with the printer is the cost of its operation. The four toner cartridges are available in one size and there is a photoconductor drum to keep well.

When you do the math, comes out 4.1pe a black page and 17.8p for a standard color standard.
Both are larger than the base color laser printers from other manufacturers: nearly 20p download page and the color is so over the top, while the corresponding ink-jet printing can cost less than 7p. Even in the Amazon price of $209.95, costs of operating this printer are turn-offs.

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  1. They are not the absolute best but they are close. In addition, the text was not quite up to the standards of a laser printer however, it was pretty good.


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