color multifunction printer hp laserjet pro cm1415fnw review

The hp laserjet pro cm1415fnw fact that conventional wisdom on its head. It is slower than many color laser printers we've reviewed in its price class, its cost per page (CPP) operating costs are high for a laser device in this class, and prints and graphic color copies near inkjet and photo quality. In other words CM1415fnw not your average color laser printer.

The advantage of the laser output of inkjet prints is that high-quality laser documents are often longer lasting more resistant to cracking and fading, making them more suitable for print marketing materials, such as color brochures and fact sheets. documents proving color laser printers to high-quality color prepress proof large. Trade CM1415fnw speed and economy of the exceptional quality and innovation, making it more of a niche solution, rather than economic, workaholic, high-volume.
At just over 50 pounds and 17.4 inches wide by 18.6 cm deep, is less CM1415fnw many units in its class. Overall, if feels durable, runs quietly and has a rather unique design. For example, the power button on this machine is only the traditional physical button. Instead of the control panel multi-standard button, you know, copy, scan, fax, telephone keypad minimize, maximize, and so all functions controlled from a display remarkably clear 3.5-inch touch screen color, which juts from the front upper right corner of the body.

Paper Source CM1415fnw only of income is its 150-sheet input, which is pushed into the bottom of the device. This model has no drawers or a place to ignore the priority feed slot, which is a little 'complicated. For example, you can slip the occasional bag or sheets of different sizes without disconnecting and re-determination of the tray. That and the lack of an automatic printing duplex, the only real weakness of this unit in the options paper handling. We especially appreciated the output tray of 125 pages, which, unlike a thin plastic trays can be found in many of today's printers, it is very sturdy bed of origin. Much of the higher area CM1415fnw surface is used to grasp and support the printed sheets, the page will help to prevent curling and keeps valuable documents from the floor.

The CM1415fnw is a very capable scanner and copier. Not only turn in times of great sweep, the analysis of the quality was exceptional in the box, without any other changes on our part. Took a look at our black and white document of a page of all text in 11.9 seconds, which is faster than almost all other devices we've tested. In addition, the OCR software delivers transformed the scanned text into editable text quickly and smoothly without a single spelling error. He was also quick to scan our color image and the scan quality was exceptional. The HP scanner interface is easy to use and offers many advanced options to adjust the color and quality.

The HP LaserJet Pro CM1415fnw produce large prints, copies and scans without much noise. EPrint its function and other print applications provide the capabilities available in many low-cost laser printers multifunction. However, this impression of slow computers and high costs make the best choice for home businesses and small with large amounts of printing needs. This device claims to fame is quality. If you need a color laser printer that can produce documents that you and your organization can be proud of this color laser multifunction serve you well.

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  1. Many of the less expensive multi function laser printers are very slow, so keep that in mind when comparing printers. If you are a heavy user you should seriously consider paying more for a printer with more memory.


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