The Boston Green Power 2200-T review

Boston Green Power 2200-T is designed for those companies. This is a low cost, high density system to run basic applications like Web services and hosting, email and BlackBerry services. It uses the Intel Atom processor and features eight independent server nodes in a 2U chassis.

2200-R is based on the Super Micro Twin Cubed server platform that consists of a 2U chassis, and four hot-swap trays, each motherboard used X7SPT-DF-D525. Mothers are the two embedded D525 1.8GHz Intel Atom dual-core processors and are designed to make each processor as a completely separate server.
The chassis has two hot-swap 720 watt 80 Plus power supplies Gold certified and both are wired through the backplane of the front disc. Motherboard interfaces are wired well in a bar bridge hot plug on the side of the hill, which mate with the backplane of the chassis during insertion, it is possible to obtain power and storage hard drive from a single dose.

The chassis offers a total of 24 hot-swap SFF hard disks so that each node will have three hard crunch and the price includes two 500 GB disks per node. The Intel motherboard integrated SATA controller supports mirrors, stripes and RAID-5 that the storage node redundancy is good.

A look at the back of each tray has a complete set of ports of each server node including VGA, two Gigabit Ethernet ports and two USB 2. The expansion is not possible that mothers do not have PCI Express or a room for a mounting bracket to the rear.

A disadvantage of using the Atom chip is its limited memory and motherboards have two SO-DIMM slots for each node. Atom support the maximum memory is 4 GB of DDR3 memory at 800 MHz and is also the buffer, the variety is not ECC if not recommend using this server to run mission-critical applications.

Atom processors really hit the spot for general consumption of our tests clearly show. While fans and the supplies are for their own consumption, we checked the first system with all notes off, and as a baseline, 25W for both deliveries.


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