acer 3d lcd monitor Acer GD235HZ review

Front of PC gaming, Nvidia has brought in compensation for 3D Vision technology has in recent years and has done a good job of getting the technology out there, even if the start-up support for game developers. You can view the 3D display requires only the ability to display pictures at a refresh rate to 120Hz, which is about double the typical amount. So, there is a 3D gaming experience is positive, is based on evidence and less than the developer of the game.

Fortunately, the Acer GD235HZ is a monitor that does more than play games in 3D.
The 23-inch Acer GD235HZ its aesthetic design follows a typical gaming monitor, with its black frame, sharp angles, and X-shaped four "fingers" stand up with orange highlights on the edges. Hitting the results screen flickering in some ways, but given the magnitude of the foot stands with his gorilla style, front and rear "feet", we were not too worried about it tipping over. At 12.1 pounds, the screen is brighter than your typical screen play blind, and materiality criteria reveals its original plastic.

Monitor tilts back 10 degrees, but unfortunately the other ergonomic alternatives. His profile is quite thick, 1 inch, first, the second part of its 0.9-inch connection options, the depth of 1.9 inches.

Connection options are DVI, HDMI and VGA. The connections are arranged on multiple monitors at the bottom instead of out, which requires more effort when connecting cables.

It is overlooked, at least in the lower right corner, sitting on the power switch, which is named for the bright blue LED light. The bottom of the frame is equipped with five buttons are arranged horizontally. Each button has been allocated under the white dot on the bottom of the frame. Press a button to activate the display (OSD).

The OSD includes controls for brightness, contrast, color settings and RGB color temperature. Five presets are presented, as a user, Text, Standard, graphics and movies. Navigating the OSD menu is fairly simple. Pressing any button opens the OSD menu, consisting of five symbols, each aligned with the five buttons, allowing access to the OSD or presets.

The worst offense was the backlight luminance GD235HZ amount, or condition, which is filtered through the screen. The Monitor has seen its most dramatic backlight bleeding on top and bottom of the screen. This level of concentration interrupted our ability to accurately test the extreme drinking gray text. Path test assesses the ability of the monitor screen very dark gray, black with gray blocks on a black background. The issue resurfaced in the disorder of the homogeneity of the screen and evidence of a dark screen  as well.

What color, follow the good results when it seems that a linear progression from dark to light colors.

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