3D Gaming Pc Laptop Maingear eX-L 17 review

If you are looking for a great device of this type, so keep reading that we have some information for you about a new piece of play equipment, the ex-L17 is a portable 3D computer game from Maingear, which 4.8GHz processor is great.

So, what features you would expect from this latest offering Maingear? Well, its shiny black finish, the L17 former case shows a number of surprisingly impressive as Full HD 17.3inch LED backlight, Intel quad-core Core i7 Extreme Edition processor 2920XM, the Nvidia GeForce GTX485M and, of course, 3D function.
If you want to get their hands on the former L17 3D so you can watch the separation $ 2659 of your hard earned money for the basic model for those seeking something more you can customize to your specifications with the end you retard than $ 8,282.

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