3D All-in-one Inkjet printer Kodak ESP Office 2170 wifi Review

The 2170 is the most impressive is the ability to print easily from your BlackBerry or IOS. All you have to do is download the free application from Kodak, take your collection of photos and send the image to a printer via Wi-Fi . The only drawback is the lack of an application for Android, that Kodak has not ruled out a development. The color LCD screen of 1.5 inches makes it easy to connect to the network and determine the format. The printer includes, obviously, a SD card slot and USB port for printing too.

Kodak will also be live in 2170, and a host of features to enhance productivity should be a 150-sheet input tray, an impressive and its relatively compact size and the paper sensor that automatically adjusts and compensates for the type of paper. It seems that the 2170 photo printer with different features photo-friendly, but Kodak did not skimp on the text is: The Perfect Page technology compensates for the hard-to-scan text.
But back to the characteristics of the photo. Kodak jumps on board with the trend in 3D, including a very unique take on technology. With a classic pair of 3D glasses (yes, those red and blue paper) and the included software, you can forgo the purchase of a 3D camera and create their own images. We had a look at this feature at CES, and at first glance, I thought it a little gadget, but Kodak says that the amount of interest has been enormous. However, we have some problems with it: First, the paper cups are not included. Of course, usually less than a dollar on Amazon, but still. Secondly, we're not quite sure how many people use the software only for a moment to look at your 3D image. And remember that you can not shoot at random favorite photos and make them in 3D: You have to take a picture and move three inches and curriculum vitae.

2170 LCD control are extremely intuitive and if something has a shallow learning curve. You have buttons for its four main functions and use the control dial to scroll through the options on the LCD screen. Two start buttons, one of B & W and color, they stop working completely on the screen or computer - is a tangible good way to print. After taking the first 2170 of the box, which wanted to set up wireless and using the application of Flick, Pic, which was surprisingly quick and easy. After connecting to the same network via Wi-Fi iPhone and printer (just use the arrow to scroll through the connection, and is on the network, type the password), who sent a photo printer from the application and seemed to spit your image.

The 2170 is a quality four-in-one machine. If you're in the market for only a printer, but you'll be easily overwhelmed by the options you are not using, and paying too much. It seems that banks Kodak 2170 because of its value ink cost reduction, but it falls a bit short in other important functions such as document printing speeds. But if you get all your needs stioll home office supported with this device, and a photo print quality, which was easily one of the most impressive parts of the printer. Flick Pic app and wireless capability as a good argument for 2170th

Still, Kodak does not rely on function as its big draw, and do not skimp on the most important elements, so it does not take away from 2170 in general.


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