Playing fairly regularly Xbox 360 media I've had the console is often enough to melt a DVD on top of the results, "said a copy of Mario Kart Wii (another "video game" for a game console called Wii), which is unusable in this heat. This in turn implies that our grandchildren melt down and the end result is what is called "Daddy has to go to GameStop again." In all, there is a situation than normal around .
And if there was a way to channel the hot air from the upper bracket to the atmosphere? For example, you could use a piece of cardboard and toilet paper tube valve for hot gases from the device, or you can let your whole console, an oil bath. Or you can buy a fan $ 20 that snaps into the side of the 360 ​​cases and vents hot air from the surface of the console. It is USB powered so it requires only one USB port on your Xbox console and almost silent in use.

I was initially skeptical about this addon, because it seemed completely cover XBox fan and was too quiet to make me feel safe knowing that it was indeed my console cooling. But after using it for a few weeks and experience no ill effects, I think the fan is doing its job and improving my experience XBox immeasurable.
The fan is located on the current Xbox 360 and can be used both vertically and horizontally. I recommend using it if your Xbox is kept in a cupboard or shelf closed. Although not a must, people who are accustomed to suffering the RROD want peace of mind afforded by this simple device.

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