Wireless keyboards can be fashionable, but almost all models is a major flaw: short of energy. Having to find a pair of freshly charged batteries while trying to meet a deadline or hand in an essay is not fun. Although some manufacturers have created solutions package, having to plug-in with the cables is always a task for some users. Fortunately, eco-solar Logitech Wireless Keyboard (K750) to the rescue with a simple solution. Assuming that this is a good amount of sunlight or artificial, this keyboard claims forward.

Ilove the time to plug-and-play. When I ran a small USB receiver for Windows 7 laptop keyboard started within a few seconds. I hate to install a third-party software, even if a reliable source and I am pleased to say that even if the buttons to start the default web browser, email client, the research system, and the calculator works well out of the box. In addition, the links function key to launch the default media player and control playback. Volume control and mute button works perfectly. Power button to put the computer to sleep right away.
It also connects the keyboard on an iMac with Mac OS X and configuration was very simple: do nothing. The Windows key becomes the key to Apple, but you have to ignore the logo on the physical hardware. All bonuses are also available work, which was a pleasant surprise. I launched Safari with one click, skip songs in iTunes and the volume control without any problem. The power button allows even a list of options to reboot or shutdown the computer to sleep. This keyboard has even worked on my book Google Chrome without any problem.

Logitech Unifying technology is also a wonderful and deserves some recognition. As a user of Logitech MX Anywhere, I had one of them is connected to the USB port on my laptop. It took me about 5 minutes to take a small software company site and a pair of my new keyboard with the USB receiver solar existing unifier. I quickly released a second USB port, the place for other gadgets. This technology works with most universal of the latest Logitech products.

The Logitech wireless keyboard is solar thinner. While probably not as strong as aluminum construction on Apple keyboards, the plastic body is quite strong. The back is completely white, with edges refer to the front. The keys have a smooth matte black, but the whole front has a shiny coat. This, unfortunately, makes a keyboard into a magnet for fingerprints and Logitech even includes a cleaning cloth in the package.

Although the keyboard does not seem very nice, especially the retro-solar panels on top, can be very uncomfortable without maintenance. For those wondering, this keyboard is about 17 centimeters wide, which is about the size of the average length of the desktop solution. Remember that is the side of the keyboard. It also extends about 6 inches long, at least one inch for solar panels on top.

Unlike most full-size keyboard, the keys sport dish. It feels like writing on a Sony Vaio or Apple MacBook. As someone who prefers this style, I found myself writing faster than ever. It took less than one minute to get used to the new provision, which is an important asset. No keys are misplaced or irregularly. The buttons have a tactile click and decent call just the right amount of buttons. There is no specific provision or bending Ergonomic Keyboard Logitech provided by others.

This solar-powered model did not function like the backlit keyboard Logitech Illuminated power save for obvious reasons. Although it may be typing in the dark easier for the average user, it is also distracting for large users who no longer need to look at their keyboard.

There are two windows in the rear leg to hit at an angle when placed on a flat surface. What were enough to feel like a traditional keyboard. Write to the wireless keyboard on your lap solar takes a little practice, but is not too difficult. I found the keyboard also allows data entry quick and easy. Directional buttons and functions (F1-F12) are in the right place.

According to Logitech, this keyboard can continue operating for nearly three months in the dark. Since the keyboard is so thin, there is a compartment for AA or AAA batteries. Layers of rechargeable lithium manganese button up top and is something that will probably never replace. It can take as little as two hours for a full recharge from sunlight. Note that even a desk lamp, head lights, or light that fills a room can hold keyboard power.

There is a power button on top to save energy when not in use. A quick check shows the state is a button on the green or red light of a smiling or frowning, respectively, to indicate whether the current source provides sufficient power.

Logitech offers a nice little applet to gather more information about the keyboard. Pressing the state opens a window with a percentage of available power and energy reserve level. Interestingly, there is also a counter light intensity up. By holding a lamp and has raised a total of 500 lux and was about 125 lux in a room with natural light (not direct). Logitech recommends at least 100 lux for normal operation, do not think it's a problem.

As someone who works in a team to earn a living, this keyboard is a godsend. Even casual users will appreciate not having to worry about changing batteries when the keyboard is out of power. configuration problems is a big advantage especially for those who are not too expert. Also appreciated that pairs of unity with the mouse receptor and, to save me an additional USB port.

Although I have had three months to test the battery life is required, I think the decent lighting throughout the day will take over indefinitely. It would be nice to see a USB port of a future model for the cable to charge it up when the power and left without proper lighting. Logitech Keyboard K750 Solar sells $ 79 which is a bit expensive, but available for only $ 55 if you shop. It is certainly superior product and is something that will not disappoint.


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