wireless modem router sprint mifi 4082 3g/4g network mobile broadband hotspot

MiFi 4082 is very similar to Sprint's 3G router, MiFi 2200, but it may work for the company's 4G network. The device supports up to five Wi-Fi customers time and can work with 3G networks in areas with 4G coverage is not yet available.

Although small, MiFi 4082 offers an impressive set of features, such as networked storage, which can hold a microSD card, which the network can share information. The router can also act as a modem connected mode, when connected to a laptop with a USB cable. The interesting thing is that it can act both as a Wi-Fi tethering and services at the same time.
In our experiments around San Francisco Bay Area, 4082 MiFi the Internet, but much faster than a 3G handset, was not as fast as modems 4G mentioned above, an average of about 2.5Mbps download and 0.9 Mbps for downloads. But, 2.5Mbps is actually very fast Internet connection and can stream HD content, such as Netflix movies with ease. Note that these speeds will vary depending on where you are, if you can find connections with much faster or slower along your path of travel.

What will remain constant in the router, but its speed Wi-Fi, which is very reasonable for a device of its small size. And function of network storage works surprisingly well, too.

In addition to this, MiFi 4082 offers GPS functionality related through a web interface, such as weather and other local services. A router is a little over 4 hours of battery life, which is long compared to other mobile routers, we have reviewed. The unit is sometimes inexplicably hot, and ends the battery quickly.


  1. Nice router, this is what I was using at home it is great for most networking needs.

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