There is no doubt that Seagate has achieved something quite remarkable with the readers Slim GoFlex. The 9 mm thick, it is about the same thickness as your average Bic pen, and even thinner than the iPhone smartphone tight 4. What's even crazier is that it manages to be thinner than 0.5 mm 9.5 mm your average type of internal SATA disks. It is still quite wide and long by 4.1 inches by 3.2 inches, but it is so small you can make a record 2.5-inch chassis, and Seagate is certainly pushing the envelope here.

The small size of the drive leads naturally to at least one concession, and therein lies the total storage capacity. 320 is hardly anything to write home about issues external hard drive today, and the total cost to capacity ratio is quite expensive, and the average price for the drive around £ 80 mark. If the capacity is a necessity for you, look elsewhere, but again for a tour of this size 320 is still impressive.
The player is compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 faster and comes with a USB 3.0 backward compatible. The same unit is composed of two parts that fit together, the main control unit with a standard SATA connector socket on one end and an adapter with a plug and a mini USB 3.0 port SATA cable fixation. This flexible design allows almost any connection that is supported to provide plug adapter sold separately GoFlex. USB 3.0 is currently the fastest available devices (at least until players become the norm Lightning) the need for other adapters are probably much more of a problem though. Of course, SATA connections also mean you'll be able to hook the reader with a SATA internal drive, regardless of manufacturer, which is a great advantage for Seagate.

The flexibility is extended by the reader built into the software. Although available in two models of pre-format (a black chassis with NTFS for Windows and the white frame with the input HSF + for Mac) software drivers pre-installed to provide full read / write on both platforms platforms anyway. This is a happier and much better than having to use the universal standard FAT32 file size caps 4GB frustrating.

All this good work should be zero, however, were GoFlex Slim Slow performer when it comes to transfer speeds. State, and its speed of 7200 RPM, has so far proven to be always a pleasure to use. Testing USB 2.0 transfer rate, we saw an average of 37.5MBps 27.6MBps and speed read and write accordingly. As expected, the USB 3.0 speed were significantly better 82.3MBps 102MBps read and write. They have speed class topping, but they are extremely agile, though, and once again particularly impressive because the size of the disk. Even during prolonged use to drive was pretty cool too, although not visible vents.

To cap an impressive set is the result of Seagate Software Dashboard. The unit is inflated by some software and 195MB of useless, but do not lower the option to install the backup application Premium Memeo. It is a simple but excellent tool for backing up important files or entire disks with smart visuals volume of certain types of files, and customize backup schedules should ensure that their data is never lost.

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