Tablet PC motion F5V with Processeur Intel Core i3

It's not often you hear a tablet that will launch with a range i3, but Motion Computing is due to release of Tablet PC F5V movement that has a high-voltage Intel processor.

"The motion is dedicated to providing our customers with a wide range of pricing options and services to help maximize productivity solution that best meets their needs," said Nigel Owens, Motion Vice President Worldwide Sales and GM EMEA, Motion. "In addition, the new processor, the selection reflects this commitment and continue our focus on the latest technologies, which help us to provide flexibility for a diverse clientele."
Now, organizations that are already covered by the F5V is highly mobile, sustainable design can also benefit from the new entry point lower starting price for appropriate applications. The F5V with i3 processor is compatible with all devices designed for Tablet PC Series F5, provide new levels of power, security, affordable and manageability. As the mobile computing device ideal for virtually any environment, now F5V provide organizations more opportunities to match the performance and cost of the tablet with the requirements of their mobile business processes. The F5V is now also available with a solid state drive 30 GB option (SSD), further reducing the starting price for the tablet PC, ensuring the reliability of an SSD.

F5V i3 processor is available now and pricing starts at £ 1,300 All Motion Tablet PC is available through our international network of value-added resellers and distributors.

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