The TH550 is a well built, with the kind of high price should normally Fujitsu PC for its pastries. It's a great tablet convertible for the corporate market, but those with a tighter budget might want to look elsewhere.

LIFEBOOK TH550 is still the heart of the Windows laptop, in this case is Windows 7 Professional 64-bit version. Takes advantage of relatively low-end Core i3 U380 1.33 GHz processor. CPU is not the monster, but with 2GB of RAM should handle most productivity tasks well enough. Treated with HD graphics card Intel Graphics, as well as to consolidate that productivity, rather than heavy graphics, laptop / tablet, although it is an interesting inclusion of an HDMI port on the back of the tablet itself. What you will pay more benefits than the heavy gaming sessions, though.
A hard disk can store 500 GB of capacity LifeBook TH550, with two relatively thin USB 2.0 Ports. There is no optical drive included, and if you want to use one you'd be left with only one USB port for other tasks. Networking is something more promising with Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth 2.1 and Wi-Fi 802.11n. The 10.1-inch 1366x768 pixel display is multi-touch, with a maximum of four fingers or the included stylus.
LIFEBOOK TH550 performed almost exactly as we expect a Core i3 system like this to make our standard benchmarks. His score of 3534 and PCMark05 3DMark06 score of 1140 is exactly what we expected given the proposed components.

As with all tablets, the LifeBook TH550 than the sum of the benchmark results. The practical use of perspective, Lifebook TH550 gets some of the most common disorders, the touch screen Windows 7 notebooks, which means that one must go beyond the fully functional keyboard for touchscreen controls, in which case, why bother? To do this, completely interchangeable. I still do not see too many people who end up in the keyboard last year, when fully open, but rolled up compressed style, it is not, and the sensitivity of the screen is such that either a stylus or a finger is enough to start most tasks.

We drove LifeBook TH550 with our battery test standard hard, push the brightness at full whack, disabling all power saving features and executes a file xvid full screen, until his hibernation. As always, you should get better numbers than we do with these tests in the "real" use, and we are deliberately seeking to establish a smaller number expected. LIFEBOOK TH550 made to play for three hours and 18 minutes of his six-cell battery. This is well below the manufacturer said "up to" 7.3 hours, but it is suggestive of a device that can last a day's work, if only moderately far from a power source.

LIFEBOOK TH550 is a well-built, as the higher price provided that normally apply to goods Fujitsu PC. It 'good to change the tablet for the business market, but they are more stringent budget might want to look elsewhere.

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