Tablet Convertible Notebook computer Gigabyte T1125N-CF1 11.6-Inch review

What we have here is a 11.6 "laptop that measures 11.4" x 8.7 "x 1.1" and weighs 3.8 pounds. It's a bit more generous than you expect from a 11.6 "unit, but this is due in part to the fact that this is not a regular laptop is a convertible hinge and touch screen, add some beef this Portable compressed. would have been nice if they had a little thinner to compensate.

One of the reasons why GIGABYTE T1125N is pricy, and to change the notebook is to be filled docks. The yard has a wide range of ports, including HDMI, VGA, Ethernet, audio in / out, two USB 3.0 ports and two USB 2.0 connectors.
It has a cover resistant to fingerprints, which I am very happy because it has a brushed metal, even if it is plastic. Previous generations of portable GIGABYTE were not so lucky, and their arrival was a bit cheap feeling. In looks and feel, the finish is an improvement.

This docking station is very unique in that the mobile platform with the screen facing out, which allows it to act as a second monitor. A nice touch when the device is docked is that the SD card reader deal can still be used when connected

If you have never used a laptop computer, the secondary display and keyboard, you know that often loosen the connectors of time units. If you've ever tried, equipment, you can just put a handy portable dock, and that not all devices are connected to a. If you want portability and size of the desktop, so you're gonna get it.
Since the T1125N GIGABYTE is convertible tablet, there is a chrome under the display hinge that turns 180 degrees to the left. The hinge was very robust, since this is the third generation convertible notebook Gigabyte has produced, are sure to have the quality of the right hinge on this model.

The keyboard is not the best in the industry, but it certainly does the job. There was some flexibility when you type and who left the experience feeling as strong as I would have liked. After writing about it one day, I think the problem with the keyboard, the keys are too small and are further apart, if you feel you have to write very accurately. Looks like they spent sized keys on a netbook-sized computer. That said, I think you could get used to it before the end of the day I did.

The PCMark Vantage, a synthetic benchmark that measures the overall speed, marking T1125N 3658, slightly below the average for the ultraportable category laptopmag (3837). The interesting thing about this note is that during testing of Laptop Magazine T1125N-CF1 (i3 run U380), the unit received 3,889, CF2 whlle our model with the U470 scored low i5 3658. We're not entirely sure what to do with these results, we wondered if a clean install of the operating system could put the correct punctuation.

The graphics department, both models are GeForce 310M, giving a score very strong 3617, which is about three times what the laptop without the score would be NVIDIA. You can play no problem with this device. Playing Need for Speed, I was able to get 57 FPS and I'm sure if I'm away from the shadows and made some improvements, I could get even more!

T1125N-CF2 ran 3 hours 48 minutes and charge it took almost three hours to reach 100%, and 2 hours to reach 80% full.

The offer T1125N resolution 1366 x 768, but the screen is blank, which is great for bright colors, but not perfect for outdoor viewing. Viewing angles were about 45 degrees, which can cause problems in tablet mode, especially when combined with the glossy screen. GIGABYTE is known to upgrade the models after the release because they said resistive touch T1005P result of consumer demand. Hopefully they take the same initiative with T1125N.

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