The transformer Asus Eee tablet is directed to the U.S., and received a warm welcome from reviewers and testers in the industry. The premise is that the resolution is very fast with many features and great performance. But this does not matter if there out of reach even before it has a chance of succeeding.

Motorola Xoom initial price of $ 799 has been the commissioner of the candidates to say no, even if the multi-talented film was the 2011 CES Best of Show and a list of features and performance kilometers delusions. It 'was just too much of the current film market at this price. Asus will make the same mistake, trying to relieve in a higher than average, because they feel they have a winner on their hands? If the errors of the past BestBuy and NewEgg are any indication, Asus does not make this mistake.
Both retailers have recently signed shows a retail price of $ 400 for the 10.1-inch tablet Asus Eee transformer, and if it is true, Apple appears. The two companies have removed the sign said it was a simple mistake and does not confirm or deny the price. Hey, if the store did, could you believe that there was an honest mistake. But two major retailers at the same time? It certainly looks like good news for Americans who do not take the tablet the plunge yet.

Asus is probably best known for his company, which started the netbook explosion, and the processor Eee surely draw their years of experience, he has left. Optional $ 150 a physical keyboard and a docking station is available and when he does this a very nice clamshell netbook or mini-laptop.

And if you do not mind the keyboard / base, still take the office if this is executed with a price of $ 400. The honeycomb Android 3.0 and Nvidia Tegra 2 1 GHz dual-core processor is onboard combined here with 16 or 32 gigabytes of storage options. The 10.1-inch touch screen has a resolution of 800 x 1280 and a gig of RAM, two cameras and a microSD card slot. In the same $ 599 is not a bad deal, but at $ 400, which is a steal.

Although no official U.S. release date has been set, a strong publicity Facebook has recently ramped up, and rumors in mid-April is coming to a number. Asus Eee would be better than a lot of tablets in stock when transformers a mess, with two major retailers to show a very low retail price of $ 400 of income could be true.

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