silverstone raven rv03b chassis review

The RV03B. Containing previously RV02B design and process, we get two front USB 3.0 ports on the outer two 180mm fans pre-installed to support extended ATX motherboard support the seven 120mm fans for better cable management, 90 degrees to the board design RAVEN RV01 mother in the original property and tons more drool who want to go on a tower, still in style and innovation!
As a trendsetter and a window frame of software engineering, Raven RV03 has few equals. However, advanced features are also accessible as anyone with experience of amateur novice users find easy to learn and use, the chassis remains the most attractive Raven RV03!

Special Features

• Revolutionary mother of 90-degree mounting Raven RV01
• Comes with two 180 mm fans, Air Penetrator excellent performance and silence
• Supports up to seven 120mm fans for cooling exceptional flexibility
• Opening mother plate behind the CPU area for quick assembly cooling
• Higher level support ATX
• Compatible with eight expansion slots and graphics cards of any length
• The design of the cable management required for the investigation of each generation
• Hard disk drives independent of the cooling zone
• Optimized and aggressive style of bezel dual-purpose panel

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