Samson Meteor Mic USB Studio Microphone review

We saw a Meteor Mic will make its debut at CES, and waiting for the check out, there is no shortage of microphones out there but this gadget is compact and attractive seemed to stand out from the crowd.

The look is a cross between a chrome microphone from the old school and a modern device. It has fold-out legs so you can keep in any position you want, or fold them into a little silver cap portable. He really made of metal (yes, it is chrome, anyway), which is reassuring when it happens in your bag. Too often, audio equipment for computers (helmets and others) feel chintzy. Not that kind of thing.
Not 1 / 8 "on the back, which allows you to connect headphones and audio monitors. Volume is controlled by the knob in front, and there is also a mute button that saves the trouble off the microphone in the software. This is a package just clean, though it seems strange to me, and thick black USB cable comes out the back. As long as you do things with style, Samson, because the custom USB cable, which is a bit 'thin?

It also works seamlessly with your iPad, without need to install plug it in and go. Note that when you turn, you will read iPad sound and audio, so you need to have some 'headphones connected to the microphone if you want to hear what you saved.

The question is, why would you buy Meteor Mic on cheaper options from Audio Technica, Behringer, or blue, among others? Well, design is a part of it - Meteor Mic is really a very practical even comes with its own little bag. There are no drivers and it works immediately on Windows, OS X and IOS. That have no microphones around me to test, I can not speak of quality, which I understand takes some of the wind of the comparison, but Samson is doing its job. Chances are, different people prefer the sound of different microphones, and if you can not decide on the basis of specifications, it might be useful ordered two and returning one.

It is also interesting to note that if you plan to purchase a microphone for music, well worth seeing traditional XLR microphone. You can get a Shure SM58 and a little classic of adapters for the same price.

Since I am not up to the microphone Meteor here to test against, I can not say something like "buy more than one," but I can say that this is a sound practice microphone that sounds perfectly decent. If you are a podcaster or using Skype or other chat services often put it on your list to see. So if you are self-centered IPAD, and I know some of you out there, this makes it a good accessory.

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