Every new computer that has been brought home from the store installed the operating system on it. But what most new users do not realize that without an operating system that the computer would be a simple shell potential. Powered by the computer's operating system is missing do not see anything else like a bunch of confusing text messages that describe the system boots. At the end of this process, the computer searches for the operating system, and if not, the user is prompted to indicate where it is.

Previously, the computers do not work and if you have any experience with computers in the early eighties, remember that most are not even a hard drive! These old computer boot MS-DOS operating system drivers stored on a floppy disk, and in order to use the program, you should remove the boot disk and insert a new floppy disk that contained the program. Floppy disk to save not only programs (word processing, spreadsheets, etc.), it also saved the driver is needed to communicate with the computer hardware. As you can imagine, the process is difficult to move the floppy disk was the birth of the operating system.
An operating system is a program that controls how the hardware in your computer (and installed software) works. It manages the activity of each component and then show that the activity of a user interface (GUI). It keeps track of where things are on a computer hard disk as well. But perhaps more important for the end user, the operating system is responsible for translating the commands issued a keyboard and mouse into binary code (010110101 stuff) that can communicate with a set of speakers, printer, scanner, and more.
With an operating system installed on a computer hard drive, users no longer need to boot a computer with a floppy disk, it is not necessary to run programs from a floppy. All the pilots of a program stored on the computer and used when a program is launched.

Apple Macintosh was among the first of a pair of systems to establish a relationship through a hardware interface for easy use. Today we did some operating systems. Some of the most popular Windows Vista, Mac OS X, ZETA, IBM, Unix and Linux. Still, operating systems have extended the non-PC devices such as game consoles, portable music players and PDAs. Whatever the device, the operating system installed on it fulfills the same function in all areas: to allow the user's communication equipment.

When you think of the new operating system to upgrade a computer, be careful to make sure you have the pieces of equipment. We have tried to update a Windows 98 computer with Windows XP, but we were warned that the former can not be hardware compatible with XP technology. Apparently the Windows XP operating system requires components that were not developed when Windows 98 was divided, and if we want to install Windows XP on this machine anyway, a new operating system would look for computer hardware is not. It would be wrong moment.

Also be careful about installing operating systems that are incompatible with existing equipment. Macintosh computer hardware is very different from the Windows Hardware and in no way a work of the Windows operating system on a Macintosh!

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