Brother has a history of packing a lot of functional ability of low-cost printers, which leaves the Brother HL-2270DW ($ 150 street) with high expectations of life. And live for them, it is not. Close cousin of Brother HL-2240 (120 dollars street, the 4 stars) that I recently again, offers all the strengths that made HL-2240 Editors Choice ', and more. Better yet, will be added very little additional cost, so shops and a shoe-in Editors' Choice for yourself.

HL-2270DW is the same size as the small HL-2240, with the paper tray 250-sheet tray and even 1-sheet manual bypass without paper handling options. At 7.2 by 14.5 by 14.2 inches (HWD), take up less space than most inkjets, so you can easily share an office with him. It is also fast and reasonable offer high quality output at all levels, to be released HL-2240, just a bit on these two points.
Morefor a relatively small additional cost compared to the HL-2240, HL-2270DW features adds print duplex on both sides of the pages, as well as Ethernet and WiFi connections are easy to share a small office. It 's more than enough to make a distinction between HL-2240 as a personal printer and final HL-2270DW is a good option as a shared printer, other office in the microwave, or personal printer in any size seat .

Installing the printer on a network is commonplace. I tested it with an Ethernet connection, using a system running Windows Vista. On the new version of our suite of business applications (using hardware and software for QualityLogic time) it was 11.7 effective one pages per minute (ppm). It's a pretty good clip, and in accordance with note 27 ppm engine, which should be close to what you see for printing text documents without graphics and photos.

As a comparison, the HL-2240 was almost as fast at 11.4 ppm, and it was so the HP LaserJet P1102w Pro ($ 149 direct, 3.5 stars). However, the HL-2240 offers a single USB connection, and although the offer P1102w WiFi, it lacks an Ethernet connector. We have not tested all the printers of the same price that includes an Ethernet jack that approximate the HL-2270DW for speed.

Output quality is also considered a strength. text quality in our tests was only slightly below what you might want to desktop publishing applications, but easily good enough for almost any professional use, unless there is a need for small fonts unusual.

Graphics and photos were both at the lower end of the range very tight, with most monochrome laser printers fall. They are certainly good enough for any internal use. You may or may not consider them good enough for PowerPoint and other documents, depending on how much of a perfectionist you are. Photo quality was about as good as you'd expect from a monochrome, ie good enough to print recognizable images from Web pages or use your printer to a client newsletters.

Ultimately, HL 2270DW is an interesting choice. Its combination of high speed, high quality production rather high paper capacity suitable duplex and network support both wired and wireless, it is a good buy for the price. Add to the small size and it is a very good fit, both physically and metaphorically, as a shared printer in an office microwave.

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