notebook pc acer aspire one d255 Led Lcd review

Netbooks use a variety of users, young people, multitudes of social networks with high mobility of business people need a small team of light that can perform multiple tasks and undemanding to provide quick access network. And his popularity is very maunfacturers cause a problem: it becomes more difficult to find unique selling points that make a model stand out from the crowd.

Acer Aspire One series is already adorned a reputation for portability, reliability and affordability. The latest version, the D255, is trying to get attention by including two operating systems - Windows 7 boot and Android 2.1. We shall soon see whether this strategy has obvious advantages for the target.
D255 is a high visual impact, which occur in five colors that Acer is the grandly named Aquamarine, Diamond Black, Brown, Sandstone, Ruby Red and White Seashell, the key color on the cover of the wrist support. Keyboard and a rather thick black frame is determined to whichever color you choose. Although it is a thin (less than an inch) and lightweight (about 1 kg), the netbook does not feel fragile.

In most other respects, the exterior is not very different from the 10.1-inch netbooks rival. It has three USB ports and VGA, Ethernet, catches of his usual and a SDHC / MMC card reader and the position of the center of 1.3M webcam. The LED-backlit display offers a native resolution of 1024x600 provides standard image and generally well defined and vibrant colors.

The property is exceptionally lightweight minig AC power adapter that comes with each other - very useful when you travel across Europe. The keyboard has a familiar style chiclet 93% of normal size that is comfortable and easy to use. Acer makes most of space by dividing it into the bottom edges. The touchpad is quite responsive, and, fortunately, includes multi-touch works - even if we wanted the mouse buttons have been separated or combined into a single bar.

Under the hood is an Intel dual-core 1.5GHz Atom N550 CPU clock, which incorporates a lot of energy. Unfortunately there is only 1 GB of RAM - 2 GB should be the norm now, especially since the D255 is faced with two operating systems. The Intel GMA 3150 integrated graphics chipset can handle just about BBC iPlayer HD movies, since they are not too demanding. Shame there is no HDMI output, however.
Which brings us back to point of sale - double the operating system. If you have a phone based on Android, it would be interesting to have the same system as a netbook. But besides being able to help more quickly in Windows 7 boot line, and gives you quick access to your e-mail, it is unlikely that you spend much time with the handful of applications here.

As for battery life - he found the use of streaming video with full screen resolution and Wi-Fi enabled, you can only manage four hours before everything went black, even if Acer claims double ( probably in the standby mode.) It seems it can be very pleased with this point of view of the adapter.

As with most of the Aspire One D255 Series netbook is relatively fast and efficient with the added benefit of a new dual-core processor and a large comfortable keyboard. But the battery life is low and the "hook" to have an Android OS since Windows 7 starts can have only limited value.

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