Notebook computer Sony VAIO F-Series (VPCF215FX) review

VAIO F-series is, however repugnant physical design as I've seen in a long time. Screen and frame are of different sizes, and once closed, the display of the entire laptop Underbar. VGA port sticking out the left side, as if it were in arrears. And as the top and bottom is beveled into two parts, will be as if they are ill-matched.

Once you get past the ugly exterior, but you will find a lot more. The screen is bright and vibrant color fidelity makes it reasonable. the disc high-definition and photos look great if you're sitting in sweet spot, off-axis viewing angles are as expected, the weak, but it is a common lack of LCD panels of laptop. Display supports 120Hz refresh rates required to support stereoscopic 3D, and Sony bundles Corel WinDVD full support of 3D on Blu-ray.
I checked several 3D Blu-ray demo disc including Disney and IMAX Deep Sea 3D, and each of them worked very well. Sony LCD shutter glasses also with the unit is slightly better than the Nvidia 3D glasses Vision and stock up on glasses regularly a little better.

When I turned the speakers on board with music for the first time I was about to shut down the system. The default sound quality was atrocious - at the same time very hard, metallic sound. Digging into the VAIO control panel, however, I realized that the logo for Dolby Home Theater with a check box next to it. Enabling this feature significantly improves the audio quality of our test device, leaving me wondering why Sony is not enabled by default. Even with HT enabled Dolby, the sound is not very accurate, but at least it's pretty nice - and not reasonably safe.

The keyboard is a joy to use, good feedback and excellent tactile key intermediate chiclet-style. Cursor keys are on the small side, though. Trackpad is off center (but in relation to the center of the space) and is very sensitive to the touch. Click of a mouse, on the other hand, sometimes did not even register a number of keystrokes. Using a laptop mouse, this device is probably a good idea.

VAIO F-series offers a couple of interesting features, we can not be tested. You can use the VAIO as the PlayStation 3, the keyboard, using the supplied software on the PS3. Other software related to the system, which includes Norton Internet Security (60 days trial), Evernote, and Microsoft Office goodwill and Sony added to the utilities.

Vaio F series, we tested included 6 GB of RAM and an Intel Core i7 CPU 2630QM. In our PC WorldBench six tests were the device is slightly slower than other laptops are equipped with the same processor, which may be due in part to the hard drive Toshiba little slow. Game performance was roughly the same as the digital storm XM15, which is not surprising, since both have the same GPU Nvidia GeForce 540 phones. Sorry, you must call within the parameters of system resolution and detail with the current generation of game titles DX10/11 to achieve acceptable frame rates. And while the device is theoretically able to run games in 3D stereo, you must run the resolution up to 720p - and sacrificing some detail settings - if you hope to do something stereoscopic gaming.

As currently configured, your laptop will cost just under $ 1.900, which is quite expensive for what we have. In general, the VAIO F-Series appears to be a multimedia PC with solid chops and a limited set of crisp display that is perfectly capable of showing stereoscopic 3D movies. But beauty is entirely under the hood: If you do not mind the ugly exterior and are willing to pay the premium for Sony, the F-Series is interesting to look more closely.

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