notebook computer HP G72-a10SA 17.3-inch LED display review

This is a heavyweight, but cheap laptop. Usually when we review laptops with big screens are quite powerful, but G72-a10SA lacking in some respects.

The 17-inch and 3 kg of weight means that it is impossible to put in a bag outside the home or office.
Inside there are 2 GB of memory and a processor P6000 Intel dual-core running at a speed of 1.86 GHz.
These requirements are quite low, a large modern notebook. What is the kind of computing power spec you might think to find a high-end netbook.

The computer was able to play high-definition video such as the BBC iPlayer, but the video tape is a slow process. Similarly, it has struggled to play in our tests.
He covered a lot of software pre-installed, but most of it was not necessary or even very good. The G72 also comes with 64-bit edition of Windows 7 Home Premium. It is a strange choice: it is designed primarily to benefit more than 4 GB of memory, but since this model has only 2 GB is a puzzle why HP does not include the version most widely compatible 32-bit .

There were some minor annoyances: The keyboard includes buttons for adjusting volume and brightness of the screen, but there was not a corresponding indicator on the screen. When we have adjusted their was no indication of the height it went or even if it was indeed changing.

Touchpad is also a problem: it is integrated into the main action of the laptop, but there is no difference in consistency between the touchpad and the rest of the case, which was using a bit of a chore, as we have always tried to use the case as a touchpad.

The laptop itself has a strange slightly irregular surface. The design is a repeating pattern of lines and triangles, which do not particularly. It is certainly a departure from the cheap plastic look of most standard laptops, but personal taste will last.

It is also difficult to use the keyboard without brushing the touchpad with your hands. This means that while typing in Word, it was found that the cursor on the screen would be the occasion pass without notice, which means that we ended up writing the whole document. The keyboard itself was excellent, however, with large keys and far between, and even space for a numeric keypad on the right side.

17 "is certainly great, but we were disappointed by its quality. Even the most brilliant when it was weak and tired. It certainly was not anywhere near as good as the latest MacBook Pro display, for example.

Battery life was unimpressive, about two hours when watching video, even with 'save' the computer is on.
As you would expect from a great laptop, there is no lack of connections. There is an HDMI for connecting displays and flat screen TV, VGA, three USB 2 ports, headphone and mic inputs, a memory card reader and a webcam with microphone. It connects to wired networks and wireless and has a Kensington lock connector. There is also a DVD burner and a 250GB hard drive.

HP G72-a10SA is right to replace a desktop computer. Size, weight and battery life means it is not portable, but has survived well with DVD video and the Internet, as well as office and internet use. Unlike most portable players do not support larger, but otherwise this is a reasonable value.

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