notebook computer Dell Latitude 2120 Review

These are the attributes of bases for a modern netbook. The dual-core Atom processor is notable that the basis of 2120 comes with a single core Atom N455, N550 is much more powerful. The sale price is $ 608 in the upper, usually ranging from 400 to $ 500 netbooks. Let's see if the Latitude 2120 is an additional value.

2120, at first glance looks like something out of the list of toys - is a thick, wedge-shaped, and blue. My first impression was: "There is no way Dell is serious about this model." But they are, and child-friendly design to fit your training in the market, so let's take a closer look.
The exterior is actually a layer of blue rubber, which has a scale of seats and feels soft and durable. It extends to the bottom of the machine and, with the exception of the battery. As a computer designed for commercial purposes, could not have been the best option if the color. The 2120 is constructed from high strength ABS plastic. The matte black plastic with a slightly grainy texture and is fairly solid. Keeping the tradition of businesses with laptops, there used plastic outer glow.

Network construction quality is excellent. None of flexible plastic under pressure. View resists warping and still could use more protection to the back, I was able to produce undulations in pressing back. The screen hinges are solid and not let the screen to oscillate back and forth.

It is a meager selection of properties. The most important physical characteristic is actually extend the battery that comes from the bottom and double the thickness. 3-cell battery is available that is flush with the beginning. Volume keys, the keyboard status lights on / off button and is characterized by blue LED too bright. Power, HDD, battery and Wi-Fi indicator in the bottom left corner of the chassis. It is a light at the top of the screen behind the bar, which does not seem to have no functional purpose.

2120 update of the internal components is tedious and time, replace the memory module or a hard drive requires removing the keyboard and the access panel. In general, the 2120 has impressive build quality for a netbook Although the appearance of external-type toy allows a perfect fit for K-12 education, it seems out of place in the world of business.

2120 is a strong need for ports to go, which is scheduled for the netbook. It is USB 3.0, ExpressCard, eSATA, or an internal optical drive. It 's interesting to note 2120 has two Kensington security slot.

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