The new Netbook Pc Asus Lamborghini VX7 quickly and run faster. With 2 GHz Core i7 and 16 GB of RAM. More heat under the hood as a single port USB 3.0 and Bluetooth 3.0 with wireless-N and Gigabit networks. Tweaked for games, is packaging an nVidia GTX VX7 460 graphics card with a ridiculous 3-GB of video memory. Blu-ray and round the system's audio package nicely.

And yes, the carpet matches the curtains, because it is just as fast on the outside as it is inside. Lamborghini laptop style is almost more fun to watch and use. The outer shell is as stylish as the car exotic sports legendary drool-inducing. Available in orange or hot carbon black, there's bound to attract attention wherever you go. The smooth lines give way to the back with elegant simulated Lamborghini logo engraved on the lid as a soft cake frosting high octane. Unfortunately, it's not so easy on the wallet as it is on the eyes.
For the price of nearly $ 3,000 application you may get halfway up a Triumph motorcycle like. If you have the money, get both and do not forget the floppy drive and style netbook that Asus has already established that accompany this very portable rocket.

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