Asus has been largely responsible for kickstarting the whole netbook market when it released the original Eee PC in 2007. Since then he has published a major netbook, but returned to his roots, and the Eee PC 1018P.

Unlike some previous models of Asus Eee PC, this netbook has a high-end design with the appearance of brushed aluminum.We can not remember seeing a slim and stylish netbook means that the first mat is impervious to scratches and scuffs while working at home or around.

1.1kg chassis is not a problem to carry around for hours, and a strong battery gives you 359 minutes of almost six hours of power, so it's good for them, when truly portable alternative.
Equally impressive is the 10.1-inch screen, similar to the key in brushed aluminum bezel. The brightness is good, as detailed in the resolution of 1024x600 pixels, but the vivid colors pleasing to most, and those looking for a notebook to watch movies and photos to find much good here.

The keyboard is still the right way and style remote control allows a more crisp, clean, which is surprisingly close - regular typists have no problem writing for hours.

A little 'disturbing, however, the touch pad is easy to brush when you write, then you may need to change your style to avoid sending different bits of text around a word sheet, for example.

Intel Atom N475 provides enough power to run office applications, one at a time, but most resource-intensive programs quickly cause netbook signs of lag. These power and portability when it would be best to check ultraportable laptop instead.


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