The Net tablet PC Viliv X70 EX 7 inch review

The Viliv X70 EX 7-inch tablet PC product range. Innovative touch-screen computer is partially compatible with the rugged interior of vehicles or applications where a model is a 7-inch mark on the mobile work. Tablet PC running Windows 7 operating system - and it is a power-efficient Intel Atom processor.

Mark Dale-Lace, Mobexx director said: "The 7-inch format, ultra-mobile tablet PC is represented popular for all kinds of mobile and industrial applications such as logistics, distribution, field service, engineering and security, where paper records are rapidly being replaced by electronic systems. Viliv X70 EX is a good alternative to most tablet PCs or laptops. It offers improved ergonomics that small handheld PDA or touch screen, where a screen openly visible is necessary, but without the weight of a larger unit.
The Viliv is an all-in-one mobile computing solution that is user friendly and improve productivity, improve customer service and reduce operating costs and support. Is fully integrated, there is no need for extra equipment, although optional car mounts are available from Mobexx. The device has input touch screen, integrated GPS, wireless connectivity with multi-Bluetooth, GSM / GPRS and 3G, a camera, and especially the battery life long. A Solid State Drive (SSD) offers a data store that provides up to 64 GB of storage with the addition of the SSD card easily replaceable if need more.

We chose the Viliv as the ideal solution for applications requiring a mobile worker semi-rugged Tablet PC. Users will appreciate the ergonomics of the device and its light weight.

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