Motherboard MSI P67A-GD65 LGA 1155 Intel P67 ATX review

The packaging for retail P67A-GD65 is beautifully decorated with quality graphics highlighting the features of the mobile plate and overclocking tool called a second OC Genie II. He also praised the four USB 3.0 and SATA 6 Gb four-port / s to ensure that users with the latest data transfer capabilities available.

The rear panel of the retail packaging goes deeper with the GD65-P67A stability and quality functions, OC Genie II USB 3.0/SATA 6GB / s, and custom software applications. Most data seems to be a repetition of what is available on the front panel, but goes a little deeper into how these features can affect system performance and reliability.

After getting the package of the government, we got our first glance looks like P67A-GD65. You will find that this government is not the B3 version that fixes the SATA bug earlier this year to P67 boards. MSI retained the same blue and black color scheme and organized most of the titles for more SATA, USB, FireWire and audio at the bottom of the motherboard. They also added three buttons for power, reset, and OC Genie II. Layout is pretty standard, but MSI does not create a V-check to the government at the top right wanting to control the voltage across the meter.
Behind the PCB is a celebration, but we always show the image so that users get an idea of ​​what is aluminum backplate behind the CPU socket.

Back Panel I / O includes many features such as eight USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports, FireWire, two eSATA ports, legacy PS / 2 keyboard / mouse port, Clear CMOS button, Gigabit LAN, and optical and coaxial S / PDIF-out. It supports 8-channel HD audio on board, so users should, therefore, to connect to 5.1 or 7.1 audio system with ease.

MSI included two PCIe x16, three PCIe x1 slots and two PCI slots that support most of 3.3V/5V PCI bus interface. The dual PCIe x16 support SLI graphics and CrossFireX configurations.

The bottom of the motherboard contains an audio header, optional CD-in connector, and a special header to connect two USB 3.0 via a carrier that attaches to the PCI slots on the back of the case.
Users can also add a second FireWire and two USB 2.0 ports and headers above. They have also added a TPM module connector above.

MSI included three buttons to the right on the PCB for power, reset and OC Genie II. The three buttons have LEDs of different color than green and blue.

The header of the front panel includes a small diagram to show users how to connect the power switch, power LED, HDD activity LED and reset button.

MSI has added a modest set of four SATA 3Gb / s ports and four SATA 6 Gb / s for GD65-P67A, Intel P67 chipset controlled by a controller and an additional 6 GB of Marvel s /.
Here is a closeup of the points of V-Check for users to control the voltages of its basic components when overclocking. With these points of the probe is recommended for software-based solutions have a greater margin of error of plus multimeters.

The P67A-GD65 supports up to 16GB of dual channel DDR3 2133, 1600, 1333 and 1066 of system memory. This amount of memory support is more than sufficient for the needs of most users, they use their PCs for video editing, 3D animations, and other memory demanding applications.

Furthermore, the distance of the power components and cooling elements around the CPU socket is sufficient enough to use a heat sink cooled by air or water cooled CPU third party. Our readers can also see the highly-conductive polymerized capacitors, which are commonly used in laptop computers and satellites and other components.

MSI includes several enhancements to help users in their efforts to build a good system compared to the average of these four SATA cables. Two cables are perpendicular to the connectors that work well for optical drives and hard.

I / O backplane is well organized party PCB color and uses simple graphics to represent the different ports available for users. MSI has also thrown SATA Molex connector for existing users.

One of my favorite accessories that comes with the MSI-P67A GD65 USB support is above 3.0, which offers users more than two USB 3.0 ports for additional storage.

These quick connectors help customers connect devices to the PC motherboard and front panel buttons and USB 2.0/3.0 ports. I love watching these hot-pluggable, because users with larger fingers are usually hard to push in the legs in the header for each device on the right front panel.

They also added four V-Check the cables so that users can connect the meter directly to the PCB and the control of nuclear tensions. This is an important feature that is usually reserved for high-end motherboards.
Finally, MSI does not leave users hanging without reading material, so they took a basic user manual and application guide software.

They also added a quick installation guide and a CD with drivers, and complete accessories available P67A-GD65.

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