Motherboard Gigabyte E350N-USB3 Fusion APU review

Netbook computer Processors are generally outside the purview of the Atomic. Intel Atom is a slow, orderly, and do not overclock the graphics are not yet far enough to describe how shit. In many ways, Intel has seen a lack of competition in space and called it the processor, which was significant compared to AMD Geode and VIA EPIA but somehow behind the current processors.

This strategy worked well for Intel, but the time has come thanks to the Atom processors from AMD Fusion. These are the first units Accelerated Processing Company, which combines the processor of the new "Bobcat", with a smaller GPU and AMD's UVD video decoding hardware in a single piece of silicon. These APUs are available in two flavors initial Series C 9Watt, codenamed Ontario and E series 18W Grass They are not designed for the desktop - that comes later this year. Instead, AMD has focused on the power supply for Atom based netbooks, and so on.

Unlike the Atom, which uses a design similar performance to that used in the Pentium 3 days ago, Bobcat has been designed as a basic violation of the order execution. This allows a much more efficient and means that when side by side melting seems more sensitive than the equivalent of the atom. The other major problem with Atom is that it uses a version of Intel's integrated graphics since before the company won the right to representation at the grassroots level to Sandy Bridge. AMD uses a coupe version of its desktop GPU architecture for fusion - in the case of the E series, is called Radeon HD 6310.
We are very impressed by the mini netbook in our periphery of the merger, but the merger seems a little more natural way Atomic Mini-ITX. Being able to get a CPU / GPU combo that is capable of high definition video and very little play, while drawing little power is a power base for everything from boxes to NAS media devices, and does not need a lot extra material for an integrated system.

MSI Mini-ITX offers Fusion is nicknamed E350IA-E45. It packs AMD (ongoing) luxury APU, E-350, Hudson M1 and the AMD chipset. This means that the court finishes with support for DDR3-1066 dual-channel audio, 8-channel, Gigabit Ethernet, six USB 2 (with headers for more than four), four SATA ports and 6 Gbps through the inclusion NEC chip USB 3, two USB ports 3.

No mechanical PCI-Express x16 slot on the motherboard, but it is important to remember that Hudson M1 supports only PCI-Express x4 electrically. This means that it is unlikely to get much out of the graphics card fine, but if you want to play mini-ITX is powerful something different from a netbook processor to run it. APU is likely to come from increased support Crossfire - if the built-in GPU to work alongside AMD thin boards, but now this has not been officially confirmed (but numerous sources have reported atomic AMD, that this really happens at a stage in the introduction the APU).

Atomic GPU common benchmarks are designed to emphasize the high end PC graphics, and as such it fails miserably when trying to run in the fusion of the GPU. After struggling to get Crysis running, they shifted gears and ran a few pass / no tests in common games. World of Warcraft, its infinite scalability, was wonderfully low-level details, while titles like Mass Effect 2 CODBLOPS and was on the verge of playability, but not definitive.

On the other hand, e-350 happily chewed through all the videos we've introduced. HD without problem both 1080p video and Flash files played well. Sound on MSI motherboards are competent, but it's just an integrated Realtek is important to remember that if your motherboard is designed for a MediaBox.

With costs $ 219 this is not the cheapest of the Mother E-350 based, but adds USB 3, which is absent in the products price range of $ 200. Given that only needs storage, RAM, power supply and chassis and has a picture of the media in the very quiet operation, worked as a very good value. The E350IA-E45 lacks that extra something growing on the territory of hot, but still a great piece of equipment.

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