Motherboard ASUS P8P67 EVO Sandy Bridge Review

There are two things that often defines a system of amateur, product segmentation, and more indulgence on the performance characteristics. Segmentation is generally defined in the manufacture or striking a plate of fancy or add extra things so that he could clearly not be part of the ordinary. Additional features such as color schemes and MAP only large companies, often keen to complete the quest for material more and better, but do they really define an audiophile system? Or you can get away with less?

Sandy Bridge have helped to define a new style of amateur system by offering premium performance at a fraction of the cost. Another advantage is lower overall energy consumption, and admittedly amateur systems are not running at 100% all the time, so why not save power in the process.
In this review, we will offer a great P67 motherboards from ASUS called P8P67 Evo. Evo is one of the motherboards midlevel P8P67 queues, often called "sweet spot" where the performance and functionality meet without costing too much.

Black and Blue is a color very popular for many years and integrates well with the black PCB common on high-end motherboards. ASUS P8P67 Evo is equipped with a black PCB and electrical heaters blue. You can find a variety of expansion slots of color depending on their spending and accused of providing maximum flexibility for the average user.

The back of the motherboard is very clean with only some components of the surface directly below the digital PWM. In terms of advice, traditional radiators location is North Bridge chip, which usually indicate a new here. According to the traces found on the back of the card will not be the case.

Foxconn CPU socket is a normal part of the visible surface of the metal. We have seen many manufacturers to choose the black and chrome, but because a lot of capacitors scattered silver metal PCB just feels natural.
Standard 8-pin 12V power needed to run a sand bridge and you will find near the intake PWM coolers.
There are no clear voltage test points for ASUS P8P67 Evo so you'll have to rely on software for monitoring the voltage and temperature.

dual channel memory is standard on Sandy Bridge and Evo supports DDR3 2200MHz up to a total of 4 banks available with a maximum of 32GB supported. 24-pin ATX is located at the traditional site near the upper edge of the motherboard.

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