Mobile portable printer Brother PocketJet 6 Plus review

The PocketJet 6 Plus is mainly on portability. The printer weighs only 1.1 pounds by itself, or 1.3 kg with its rechargeable battery and it measures only 1.2 x 10 x 2.2 inches (HWD). The combination makes it easy to slip into a case or briefcase and laptop light enough to carry around without a thought. Even better, the brother said that you can print about 100 pages on a single battery charge.

The installation is a little more than inserting the battery and connect the AC adapter for charging the battery. You can then install the driver on your computer, your introduction to print to a Bluetooth or USB. Brother provides drivers for Windows 7, Vista, XP, Mac OS X 10.4 and higher and Linux.
Support for mobile devices is currently limited to Windows CE, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry operating systems. While there is no way to print with other smartphones, as of this writing, the brother says that the solution is Android-based phones and tablets will be available in May 2011. It also plans to add the iPhone to the list at some point.

Other options are premium card in Legal, fanfold paper for letter-size, roll and perforated rolls, standard paper capacity, rolls and rolls of perforated paper, and weather-resistant paper:  in 20 years, classification, roll-form. Price per page for various options ranging from 6.5 to 24.8 cents for the list price, but his brother says that the street prices are often lower.

As PocketJet PocketJet 6 Plus would generally be more useful if it worked with a wide range of devices, but if you need a printer to your laptop or one of the mobile devices it supports n ' is irrelevant. The printer speed and print quality is more than enough to print emails and attachments you should look on paper, and the look and feel of paper, even make it suitable for printing, said a proposal on the ground and transfer it to a potential customer or client. In short, good enough for most printing needs portable and easy to pick Editors' Choice.


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