The laptop MSI Wind U270 12.1-inch  uses AMD Fusion Unit E-350 for accelerated (APU) that offer better performance than throughout the normal form factor barely larger than a standard netbook . In particular, the APU Fusion of U270 better identification of most netbooks when it comes to multimedia tasks and you can easily connect to your TV using an HDMI cable. The other point of sale of this notebook is the inclusion of USB 3.0.

MSI Wind U270 Total a strong configuration, not only do you 1 .6 GHz AMD Fusion APU E-350 and USB 3.0, you also get a huge 500 GB hard drive (5400 rpm), 4 GB of memory SDRAM, and integrated AMD Radeon HD 6310 graphics. All this only costs $ 549, and combined with the small size of 11.6in Netbook, it represents incredible value for money if you want something with a lot of mobility. But it is not as beautiful as laptops Fusion others we have seen, such as Sony VAIO and Toshiba NB550D YB, so that you get in the specifications and performance you give in aesthetics and quality construction.
Our tests, the MSI U270 proven to be fast, like most of the MSI laptops we've seen in recent times. In a time of 2min 41sec encoding test and 3min 2sec, and Blender for 3D modeling MP3 and iTunes are faster than those of series Sony VAIO YB gathering - Sony laptop with the same help, but it's only 2GB of RAM in it. MSI was also faster in our tests, video conversion, which took 2 hours 55 minutes to convert the file to a DVD 1.5 GB Xvid - Sony took 3 hours 34min. MSI is difficult to put on a good performance in our tests, the transfer rate recording 25.85 megabytes per second (Mbps), which is a relatively quick profit netbook.

The overall results U270 is very good, but still does not remove the APU module that Fusion can feel as slow as a normal Intel Atom netbook in some circumstances. If you surf the web and come across a site that has lots of Flash ads, for example, can last up to half of the CPU and slow things greatly. This is despite the Fusion E-350 has two cores. In short, the U270 is better than the typical netbook 10In running dual-core Intel Atom processor (like the Acer Aspire One Happy), but it still feels slow in certain situations. As a netbook, you can use for basic web browsing, creation of Office documents, view photos, listen to music and watch videos.

Unlike a good netbook, you can fit on a widescreen TV with HDMI and watch high definition videos of her. It is the AMD Radeon HD 6310 integrated graphics that allow that to happen, and they are much more powerful graphics that you can find in a typical netbook. In 3DMark06, these graphic marks registered in 2313, is even faster than Sony. A typical netbook with Intel video recordings about 150 marks in 3DMark06, so you can see that AMD is miles better in this regard.

MSI has worked fine when connected to our TV and we think he can do quite a few 'lucky media center for watching videos and listening to music. Its 500GB hard disk, you can also save a fair amount of media so you do not need to make extensive use of external hard drives. But if you do, you should be able to use USB 3.0 and transfer files much faster than it could be, and a standard USB 2.0.

Physically, the U270 is not the style of Sony or Toshiba, and it feels and looks a bulky bag. It weighs about 1.5 kg, it is relatively heavy, but this is essentially a large battery on the back and a slightly larger screen. This 58-watt-hour batteries, which lasted 3 hours and 19min our rundown test, where you turn off power management for Wi-Fi, to maximize screen brightness and Xvid-encoded video loop. E 'slightly less than the time of 3h 33min Sony, but it's still a decent result.

After using the U270 on his knees for a long period of time, you will notice a little heat from the left side of the chassis, near the radiator. Only things uncomfortable. Also, some movements of heat through the palm rest.

U270 keyboard has been isolated from the keys and are a good size. Together, 60mm wrist rest makes it comfortable typing experience. Unlike other MSI notebook keyboard as MSI GE620, the keys do not need to hit hard to make their mark, but still feel a bit 'stiff and hated to be softer and have better bounce. The touchpad is decent and we had no trouble navigating it. The screen is too glossy and is a poor vertical viewing angles (such as the cheapest laptops on the market), and the native resolution is 1366x768.
On the banks of MSI, you will find many good things: Three USB 2.0 ports (one of them is also a USB 3.0), Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI, VGA, SD card slot and microphone and Headphone port. You also get a webcam, Wi-Fi 802.11n and Bluetooth.

MSI U270 netbook to represent good value for money. Like most laptops MSI, its performance is what stands out more. Although it is not bad, not really what you call a nice netbook. What you pay is usually a good configuration is quite common future (and feel) the body. If you want beautiful, so it's better to spend more money, Sony and Toshiba Fusion models, we estimated earlier.


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