Logitech Unveils wireless trackball mouse m570 review

The M570 is a wireless trackball operated by the thumb. In form it resembles a regular mouse with a scroll wheel and a small pair of programmable buttons to the left of the left click. But the M570 has a non slip feet when mice have their books low coefficient of friction. That, and a big blue ball stickin 'by the side instead of bottom-mounted laser assembly.

If you have not used a trackball for a few years (or ever), the answer is yes: they made the transition from mechanical optical tracking some time ago. The ball skids M570 good few hours to break in, the track motion precisely the same kind of sensor that you find in an optical mouse. The resolution is high, so I was spoiled with adjustable dpi gaming mouse. On the M570 box felt slow and I had to adjust the flow into the preferences of the mouse my operating system.
Two additional buttons by default to "recover" and "forward" browser, folder views, and other applications. I found them useless. Fortunately, with the SetPoint software (Windows) or the Logitech Control Center (OS X) allows you to remap the keys to one of several useful mouse and keyboard functions (half click, click-lock, typing modifier such as Shift or Control and so on).

Powered by one AA battery, the M570 has a battery life of 18 months according to publicity material from Logitech. I want to confirm or deny that the document, but I fear it would have to wait up to 17 months and 20 days, something before I can give a useful answer. I can say that the Logitech keyboards and mice have shown an impressive battery life in the past, and the company certainly has the technology to produce power devices environment. The M570 has a long "off" at the bottom, to ensure that there is simply no energy when stuck in her purse.

Connection to a PC using the included Logitech Unifying - only a small wireless transmitter that plugs into the USB port and you can easily forget. This is the kind of "small", which does not prevent you from getting your laptop closer neoprene sleeve and is completely off the road attached to the back of a large desk. The same receiver can be used in a number of Logitech peripherals. If you want a wireless keyboard and mouse, perhaps connected to the system, you can save to buy Logitech USB ports.

Dragon Age II. A lot. Unfortunately, BioWare has seen fit to use the camera controls most terribly boring ever devised by man. The implementation of the mouse to the edge of my office was becoming too frequent occurrence, most often in the most inopportune moments. My solution? I went to my local computer store, in the rain in Auckland, and paid my own cash journos severely limited for M570.

Has it worked? Yes. Yes he did. If you need precise control of camera - for Dragon Age, The Sims, or follow your favorite CAD is a trackball would be your best bet when it comes to technology off-the-shelf. Trying to draw a straight line in Photoshop, or playing your game shooting in the first person favorite? Stick with a mouse. There is no reason you can not have both on the same system. As I said, go for both Logitech and you can even use the same wireless receiver.

I used the M570 heavily in recent days, and then the lack of sensitivity rules can not really fault. Okay, maybe slip an inch or so of my glass table during the hours of play and sweaty hand. It is not a perfect device. However, a trackball is fantastic, and what you should seriously consider, if the mouse does not have everything you need.

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