Accu-Sort Systems Inc. now offers AccuLazr AL5010 laser bar code scanner. This new bar code system uses a modular design, which includes a scan of the head, mounting tray, power supply, and the choice of interface modules.

Housed in a rugged, the AL5010 is designed to virtually all industrial, distribution centers for the manufacture of tires.
It fits easily in most applications, including selective modules, printing and application systems, routing systems and classification systems.

In five of its models AL5010 provides coverage analysis of 5-48 cm (depending on size of barcode) for both standard configurations and high density barcodes.

It also provides the basic interface module and an improved user interface module. Basic module includes the power, the scanner, and trigger inputs and Ethernet-EtherNet/IP and two RS232/422 serial ports. Enhanced module also includes tach input, and up to four I / O. DeviceNet / Profibus are also available as a plug-in to improve the user interface.

AL5010 scanner requires no maintenance other than keeping the window clean reading dusty or dirty. If that fails, the read head is hot swappable and can be replaced in less than five minutes without reconfiguration or alignment. Users can click a button in the header to download the configuration storage module mounting base and can resume their normal activities.

browser-based user interface allows AL5010 can be set up right out of the box, without having to download and install programs. With the simple diagnostic interface allows users to monitor statistics on Ethernet or Ethernet / IP. AL5010 is also compatible with the Accu-Sort's FAST Monitor remote monitoring and diagnostics system.

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