Toshiba has done something as a new standard with this little netbook. AMD C-50 processor running the system and graphics, it is setting a new level of performance and features at a very cheap price.

The main features of this model is also AMD C-50 processor, which is 1.0 GHz, dual-core AMD Radeon 6250 video card is 280MHz. The chip is connected to another system with HUDON M1 chipset. NB550D sport 10.1in LED panel and a resolution of 1024 x 600 resolution is not the maximum that can be selected this screen size, but large enough to consume web content quite comfortably.
There is 1 GB of RAM in the system, of which 256 MB is dedicated to graphics. The memory is expandable up to 2GB, but replacement of the module includes a 1 GB 250 GB hard drive, operating at 5400 rpm. No optical drive, but this is part of the course for netbooks.

What is absolutely frightening is that this model retails for $ 499, and I dare say you can buy cheaper if you shop around. With around the same Intel-based netbook Toshiba line-up, netbook Toshiba NB500 N455 Atom-powered $ 399, it is $ 100 more expensive. It is not a direct comparison, however, is based on both the performance (availability of C-50-based system is significantly improved over the N455 Atom chipset and NM10) and the properties of C-50 System includes HDMI video output, Bluetooth, and Harman / Kardon. Unit to monitor the pad is one of the nicest we've used. The rough surface, one can easily say the edges, and the finger is not the time to shake the entire surface wet.

Our tests have shown a netbook NB550D was very little use. It seems you took the time to put these systems ultra low-cost airline in a situation where you can work a little on them. Web content, including the content of "HD" flash on YouTube, was soft and comfortable to use. productivity applications, including Outlook 2010, which finally broke into the unit, ran at an acceptable speed. Hardan unit Karmon speakers will not replace a good set of desktop speakers, but compared with most of the netbooks out there, are rockin '.

Battery life was very nice. With a moderate amount of activity - almost full web browsing via Wi-Fi - we had a little less than four hours. That actual use, not let it sit idly in the background.

So will this new standard on netbooks that can launch this book 3 kg? No, not yet, but this netbook experience is satisfying and feels more like a "good" team that we saw in the past.

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