The world of ultra high-end, some Windows laptops that can compete with the Apple MacBook Air. This club: Sony VAIO Z series and the now-defunct Adam Dell were presented by strong competition in the past, but few have perfected the formula. Now it's Samsung's turn to see if it is a series of nine ultra-portable (part number: NP-900X3A A01UK) deserves a crown laptop of luxury.

If there is one area where the Samsung 9 series really make the images, it is amazing first impression. It is not as fantastic as thin as the MacBook Air, but only 17 mm thick, it is as thin and slender as laptops come. What is even more surprising, then, that's just slightly lighter than air 13-inch Apple MacBook. At 1.32 kg, which is the very definition of an ultraportable.
He garment in her hand, and attention to detail is impressive. Samsung touted the fact that the chassis is carved out of duralumin - a hard alloy commonly used in the aviation industry - and it certainly feels very strong given the almost-not weight. It is not as difficult as adamantly Apple MacBook Air, however, deal with the number 9 for the top and base of a little flexibility here and there.

It can be a struggle to match Apple's rigidity, but it is ergonomic right on target. The feeling soft key Scrabble tiles feel just as luxurious as those on the MacBook Air, but we preferred to set 9 layout is more spacious and full width Enter key. Multitouch touchpad also try to imitate the glass offerings from Apple. The surface acts as a giant button, taps two fingers to imitate a right to buffer and four fingers in different directions switch between applications, displays the desktop or activate Flip 3D feature.

I'm serious too fast for an ultraportable. With a low voltage Intel allies Sandy Bridge processor with 128 GB SSD, Round 9 feels much faster than expected. From a cold start, the Windows desktop appears in only 20 seconds, and spring applications in life without a single delay. With an overall score of 0.43 in our benchmarks, the Samsung is clearly an exception.

At first glance, one might also wonder whether all ports have disappeared. Apart from a small exit on the left hinge, all series of 9 connectivity behind two flaps down, one on each side. A single USB 2 port, a micro SD slot and headphone and microphone combination are hidden on the right side, while a USB port 3, Micro HDMI and an Ethernet adapter, connect to the right.

The port selection is generous, but Samsung had to make significant compromises to squeeze into such a slim cabinet. We would have preferred an SD card reader on the full-size Micro SD slot, and while the mere presence of Gigabit Ethernet is a Samsung Air from Apple, it is necessary to connect a cable adapter property appears to be a step back. It is also disappointing that, although Bluetooth 3 makes the cut, the Broadcom wireless chipset only supports single-band 2.4 GHz.

Samsung Series 9 remain just as refined as ultraportables get, but at £ 1299, there will be refinement of a high cost. Affluent consumers want the latest in Swish, slim ultraportable will be pleased as Punch with their purchases, but with Apple MacBook Air because of an impending update Sandy Bridge,  wow factor to be short-lived.


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