laptop computer Medion Akoya E6224 MD 98630 review

Medion Akoya E6224 (MD 98630) is the first of the second generation of Intel-based notebook Core i3 (codenamed Sandy Bridge), and as was most of Medion products we've seen in recent years, continues to offer good value for money. This is a 2.6 kg, a 15.6 notebook desktop with a good speed, battery life and functionality, but its design can be a bit 'better.

Run the program for the Akoya E6224 is a 2.1 GHz Intel Core i3-2310M central arena of the bridge has two cores and Hyper-Threading. It is surrounded by 4 GB of DDR3 SDRAM and a 750 GB hard drive graphics are handled by a HD 3000 Intel chip that is integrated into the CPU itself. It's a decent facility that offers a good rate of office suites, social networks and other popular applications, but also good enough for harder tasks such as encoding music and convert video files and even some games.
Recorded 58sec our test Blender 3D rendering and 1 min 16 sec in our iTunes MP3 encoding test, and these results are more or less what we expected. In our test DVD transcoding, recorded 1hr 13min, which is also about what we expected. All these results are competitive compared with other second-generation Intel Core i3 laptops we've seen so far, like the Dell Inspiron N5110 15R. Was a fraction slower in the blender and iTunes tests than the Dell, but the transcoding time is 2 minutes faster than the Dell. The Medion 5400 RPM was slow, but only the record of 18.43 megabytes per second (MBps) in our file copy tests. We hope to be closer to 30Mbps.

Most of the results of Akoya E6224 are similar to results obtained in recent years we have reviewed Medion Akoya E7216, which used the first generation of Core i3 380 with integrated Intel graphics. However, E6224 E7216 blows when it comes to processing graphics and battery life. E6224 battery life is more than an hour more than the E7216. Our rundown test, where you turn off power management for Wi-Fi, to maximize screen brightness and Xvid-encoded video loop, a standard of 61.92 watt-hour battery E6224 registered in the past helped to 4h 17min, which is an excellent notebook, 15.6. The first generation of Core E7216 based i3 3h 1min time recorded in the same test, and second-generation Core 15R i3-based registration in 3hr 33min.

The keyboard has full size keys and includes a keypad, although its buttons are smaller and the design is a bit restrictive (for example, the right arrow button located below the key 1 and the 0 key is totally under the button 2). The keys feel a little stiff, but in general there is a keyboard tough guy and you get used to it after awhile.

One thing we do not like the design of the Akoya is too bright blue status LED. They are on the palmrest itself and is very annoying when the laptop is used in dark environments. We wish it had either lower or LED to the LED current has been placed before the cabinet, not direct light upward.

Akoya use on your lap can be uncomfortable because of their size, but the good thing is that its base is not too hot. Your speakers are relatively strong, but their quality is not very big, so you definitely should take some speakers if you want bass. We're fans of the screen, which has a native resolution of 1366x768 and a matte finish that does not reflect light. As the screens of most laptops, however, has a vertical viewing angle lower than wreak havoc on the contrast, especially when viewing videos.

Latest Akoya based on previous models, offering the latest CPU technology, and, in turn, better battery life and graphics performance, price range $ 699. It also adds a new function to a combination of Medion Fast Boot environment, and includes USB 3.0, TV tuner, HDMI and a 750 hard dive. It 'pretty hard to beat this value. As one might expect a laptop cheap, although some disadvantages, and are mainly to do with its design. But all in all, it's worth a look if you want the latest Akoya well featured notebook, desktop-style, low price.


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