Laptop Computer Gaming MSI GX780 review

According to MSI Notebook offers not only the most recent internal specifications, the Intel quad-core Core i7 1GB GDDR5 Nvidia discrete graphics card, DDR3, etc., but the laptop has a new game with a special keyboard.

The new notebook will go under the name of the MSI GX780 and it will be the second laptop offered by MSI GX when it is launched, the MSI GX680 is likely to come first. This book will improve by 17.3-inch LED-backlit (HD or Full HD resolution options), and it weighs 3.9 kg a city with MSI 9-cell Installed (7800mAh) battery.
The main features of the first power would not be right this laptop, a keyboard, where the show is. MSI and promote partner SteelSeries has designed a new GX780 gaming keyboard.

Keyboard, you have a standard QWERTY keyboard support are commonly found throughout the GX780 gaming notebook, but the GX780 keyboard stands out the key to alignment / positioning.

Not accidentally press the Windows Start button, while in the game, if you use the GX780, as has moved to the left side of the keyboard. Also, the keyboard has a greater longevity and 30 LED backlight also according to MSI. You can see a diagram of the keyboard down and some pictures of the GX780 keyboard in real life.


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