Laptop computer and Battery

Frank J. Rybicki, associate professor of mass media to Valdosta State University is not responsible for last week when he closed his laptop, a student who was surfing the web, and notes. He made the appeal  and the University police arrested him on charges of battery. Georgia Department of Education to suspend his duties there, even if not paid.

Reached on the phone, Rybicki confirmed his arrest and suspension, and said he had been informed by the university to not answer questions about the incident. He said that the article and the comments in the student newspaper, The Spectator, is required. This article quoted students saying the incident closed the laptop Rybicki amid a dispute with the student about his view that had been on websites unrelated to the course.
The article also cites students Rybicki as saying they feared that an excellent teacher was arrested and perhaps his career interrupted. (Rybicki no occupation.)

Comments on the site, said the student had been warned to stop surfing the web, and ignored the teacher. In general, the comments were supportive of the student teacher and critic. "Stopped by the battery. To close a laptop? Do you break the fingers of the students or something?" I thought I had beaten a student with a computer. Simply closing, which can be a bit trivial to ruin the life of a man and not you? "Said a commentary
The comments say that they had proposed a class without a doubt, the size of the student's finger injury, and surprise, that the case had led to his arrest. Another comment said: "If this teacher is connected to a laptop so hard that his arms were somewhat confused, well ... but seriously, he had a lot ... a lot of other options t A. Don ' be so rude in class B. If you intend to play on a laptop computer ... .. or is not subject to class, or do not take you to the category. C. Do what the teacher says, half a second , probably knows more than you have to grow up and take some responsibility, the Board does not have another episode of High School, where he can get away with is a distraction, some people here want to learn, if you do not care .. . then get out! or at least somewhat courteous ".
While he refused to discuss the specific incident, Rybicki answers some questions. Asked if students do not have to search web sites, while the class is not class, said it was "quite obvious." When asked if he had ever done harm to every student, said: "Absolutely not, never"

Several students who were in the class said they were informed by the university not to discuss the incident. The leader of the Faculty Senate referred all questions to the university spokesman, thress H. Boyd. Via e-mail, Boyd said: "The university is investigating an incident involving a faculty member and this issue will be addressed by the appropriate legal channels. With regard to classroom teaching, changes have occurred. All employees are required to comply with its obligations and responsibilities in a professional manner. "
With regard to university policy on the use of laptops in class, she said that "the use of computers in class is in the individual university professor."

Samuel Logan, a student at Valdosta State was not in class, but has taken classes with other Rybicki, e-mail said he admired Rybicki. He cares about his students and of our qualities, always make sure we do our best. "As for what would have happened in the classroom, Logan said the arrest" was not justified because "it's a great teacher and she was on Facebook, as we know are not elsewhere, while the teacher is teaching."


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