Laptop Computer Alienware M14x Gaming review

Alienware M14x is not yet available, but the last game machine ultraportable from Dell and Alienware have already been examined. The laptop has made its way this week for a site of the magazine in China called Zol. In their review of additional specifications for the laptop M14x will be postponed earlier this week, we had most of the proposed specifications available for netbook M14x.

After reading the entire notification through a translator, Zol Han Chinese, I was able to capture the main features of the examination unit. They slipped M14x also an Intel Core i7 2820QM quad-core processor and NVIDIA GeForce 555 graphics dedicated game.
Second-generation Intel Core i7 2820QM Sandy Bridge processor built into the review of Intel's own data is 4 and 8 core processing threads, 2.3 GHz clock basis, and turbo (auto-overclock), clock speed 2 , 80 GHz, the chip also has 8MB Smart Cache.

As for Nvidia GeForce 555 GT dedicated graphics included in the M14x review unit, which it has the info Nvidia CUDA has 144 cores, a processor clock frequency of 1180 MHz, a 14-run level, texture 2 billion / sec, 128. - Bit or 192-bit DDR3 memory interface that is provided with the graphics card has a memory clock of 900 MHz and a memory bandwidth of 43.2 GB / sec. Featured GPU technology, including 3D Vision Nvidia, Nvidia Optimus (hybrid graphics switch), accelerated video decoding Green Nvidia drivers, NVIDIA PhysX ,DirectX 11 and NVIDIA CUDA.

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