kingston ram ddr3 KHX2133C9AD3T1K2/4GX review

Although Kingston is known for its range of value RAM, RAM is also very unattractive for high performance. Of this total, the range of HyperX is striking, with bright blue heat spreaders extending serrated blades that the rise of an inch above the module. Needless to say, this is not the game to buy if you have to wedge the RAM in a particular area next to a large refrigerator. From $ 102 for a 4 GB kit, this is not the most favorable option or portfolio.

However, if you want RAM that can operate at speeds, we saw modern boards, this may be the kit for you. Like any DDR3 memory, the default is 1333 MHz safe, however, there are practices of XMP profiles of 1867 MHz and 2133 - the fastest speed of our reference motherboard Intel could manage.
We have seen the general guidelines for a score of 174 is the default, which rocketed 184 points and ten, when we tested the 1867 MHz Unfortunately, we have seen an improvement in our tests, when ramped up to 2133 MHz is likely to any speed improvement with other applications will not notice without reference points, and this makes us question whether there is a kit worth £ 100 more than 4 GB. Since the 1600 MHz KHX1600C8D3K2/4GX Kingston kit, which costs just over £ 30, to perform nearly as well, you better buy it and set the money saved for a faster processor.


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