Inkjet Office All-In-One Canon Pixma MX360 review

MFP Color Inkjet get much more basic than the Canon Pixma MX360. Priced at only $ 80 (by April 8, 2011) offers small portions of the print, copy, scan and fax, but does not have Wi-Fi or Ethernet, no media-card slots, and performance slowish. Lighting in the number of small offices or home can not have anything in mind - and maybe even the expensive ink - but the speed of the Epson WorkForce 520 offers greater economy and only a little more money.

The PIXMA MX360 is easy to install on PC and MAC. The control panel is logically expected, and also the scanning features of the PC. Unfortunately, while the Canon does a nice job organizing the icons on the LCD color of its higher-end models, the same approach that oscillates in black and white Pixma MX360's two-line display, the icons are too small and difficult to interpretation. Canon Pixma MX420 is a bit snazzier design ', but is otherwise almost identical.
management features Pixma MX360 paper is minimal. To his credit, he is sporting 30-sheet automatic document feeder, and scanner glass letter/A4-size. ADF is even open for easy clearing of any jams that may occur. The vertical rear paper feeder holds 100 sheets of plain paper, an appropriate amount. In a twist frustrating, however, although you can scan double-sided on both platforms, duplexing is manual only, and completely unavailable on the Mac.

The MX360 is a performer Pixma below average, but acceptable for domestic use. pages of text with graphics in a simple black and white prints at 5.6 pages per minute in both PC and Mac on the PC, a half-page photo printing to the default settings on plain paper took about 26 seconds or 2.3 ppm. The same photo printed on the best settings for Canon's own glossy photo paper took 45 seconds (1.3 ppm). High-resolution, full-page photo print of Mac limping anemic 0.3 ppm. preliminary analysis took about 6 seconds and a complete analysis requires about 50 seconds at 600 dpi.

The Pixma MX360 is a bit 'faster when changing its' Fast' mode, or draft mode, which also saves ink.

Pixma MX360 output quality is variable. Black and white print is the most interesting: the text is crisp and sharp, and grayscale is beautifully rendered. Color graphics printed on plain paper looks overexposed, a warm color palette that tends toward the pink. Canon's own glossy paper, the effect is not so obvious, but the details are still missing pictures of the lighter. You can adjust the colors to some extent by using the Effects tab of the printer driver settings. Check the tendency to look a bit 'dark, but the copies in black and white and color looked good.

Cheap to buy, Pixma MX360 is not particularly cheap to operate. A single cartridge allows all three colors (cyan, magenta and yellow) and costs $ 21 for a 244-unit standard page yield and $ 27 for a 346-unit high page yield. At 8.6 and 7.7 cents per page, it is properly assessed capacity or color. Unfortunately, the price of $ 16 for a black cartridge yield standard, which delivers only 220 pages and $ 22 for a black cartridge high, sour face. These awards prepare to 7.26 cents per page and 5.5 cents per page, respectively.

For easy use in a home office, Canon Pixma MX360 is a good buy. It provides the basis for a low initial investment costs with black ink only slowly eating into the face over time.

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