inkjet all in one printer Kodak ESP C310 review

Kodak has a reputation for providing per page maintained its multifunction printers (MFPs). No wonder, then, that Kodak ESP C310 All-In-One Printer offers a relatively low cost running too claimed to 3.7 cents per page for monochrome and 11.3 cents per color page. It differs from other printers Kodak, however, that also offers a low price for the printer itself. It makes a particularly interesting choice.

Most models like the Kodak 7250 Kodak ESP All-In-One Printer and the Kodak ESP 9250 All-In-One Printer , we have recently re-, low cost per page is offset by the relatively high initial cost of the printer. If you do not print much, that the high price could mean that the total cost would be higher than that of printers, which cost more to run, but not pay so much to buy.

With the C 310 is the most relevant point is that it maintains a low operating cost than other printers in its price / performance, which means that if this is the right class for you printer , C 310, saving money.
The attractiveness C 310 also depends if it gives you all the functionality you need. clearly intended to use at home, with pictures of high quality and fast speed camera and two of its most important features of the C 310 prints, scans and copies, and it connects to the USB cable or WiFi . Also in the category of photocentric features is the ability to print from PictBridge cameras and memory cards and preview images on its 1.5-inch LCD screen before printing. Its potential for a home office are limited to the actual usability with a paper tray 100 sheet, no fax and no automatic document feeder for scanning.

Frame rate and quality are two of the strengths of the C310. He also made it very fast for business applications. However, the production quality of business applications is a bit 'under par.

For my tests, I connected the printer via a USB cable to a Windows Vista system. In our business applications suite ,which runs the actual speed of 2.7 pages per minute (ppm).

Not surprising since Kodak uses essentially the same engine in all models of the same generation rate is equivalent to the speed we timed in 7250 and ESP ESP 9250th But what is slow for a printer $ 200 or $ 250 is enough fast for a $ 100 printer. Epson Stylus NX420 ,for example, came to just 1.7 ppm. Photo speed is even more impressive, averaging 44 seconds for each 4-by-6. Get inkjet all costs on average less than one minute per image in their highest quality.

The text and graphics output is just below normal for multifunction inkjet, but still more acceptable for most cases. For the text, unless you have an unusual need for small fonts, you should have no complaints. The key question for graphics has been a tendency in the default mode show banding in large, dark areas. Aside from bands, but the output quality was an easy match for most inkjet printers. I also saw a trend toward full-page graphics to curl the multipurpose paper plain that we use in our test, which means you may need to invest in an expensive, heavy paper to prevent curling.

Although the C310 is not capable of printing Kodak to date in absolute terms, is undoubtedly the best in terms of return on investment. Compared to the Epson Stylus NX420 and other printers of the same price range that offers high speed, especially for photos, high quality photos, which is the output type that most of the questions to a printer's home both low costs and low initial cost of running. The combination is ideal for home use. For now, at least makes the Editor's Choice C310 printer and others will have to overcome.

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