The HP Printer Mobile Officejet 100 review

HP Officejet Mobile 100 is a color inkjet printer specifically designed for a laptop model for mobile users such as estate agents and insurers. It provides, but for a high initial price and high cost of ink.

Offer that are attentive to the simplicity and portability, the HP Officejet 100 mobile printer is small and solidly built. Weighs 2.5 kg including battery, the performance is almost the same as taking one side of the all-purpose laptop. If you know you always have the AC power you can throw around 180g, leaving behind the battery. USB and Bluetooth connectivity are standard. The top cover folds back to create a 50-sheet vertical feed formats, but the printer has no output tray. The controls are minimal, limited in power, cancel, Bluetooth on / off and paper feed.
Speed ​​is not the HP Officejet 100 Mobile Printer strong. Printing black text and simple graphics in color, the default settings, the device an average of 3.7ppm lackluster Windows computer, and 3.6 pages per minute (ppm) on a Mac from a small printing color images on plain paper, HP will be managed by a competent number of 2.7ppm, more comfortable, but change the settings on photo paper, has slowed down considerably 0.5ppm. We printed a full-page photos of Mac OfficeJet 100 clearly went beyond his comfort zone, because it was tortoiselike 5.5 minutes. Draft mode switch things up considerably in the text flew off the front pages.

HP Officejet 100 Mobile Printer print quality is impressive for the wait. The text was almost the laser accuracy for graphics and black and white seemed to adjust. Color graphics printed on plain paper appeared slightly faded and was clearly bent towards the pink and orange, most obviously skin color. Moving to HP's own photo paper, to solve most of these problems.


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