hp all in one desktop computer omni 200 quad review

We start with the good news. Packing an Intel Core i5-760, which chug along at 2.8 GHz Quad Omni 200 compressed at the top of the table. As for the rest of the meat and potatoes accompany 6GB DDR3-677 memory and a processor hard drive 1 TB.

Omni 200 Quad flashed WorldBench 6 test series in order to achieve an incredible 132 points - more than the voting period, all-in-one category can be seen. second-class bias: a decent gaming performance. Elsewhere, Unreal Tournament 3 benchmark tests, Omni 200 Quad-generated 47.9 frames per second (1680-by-1050 pixel resolution and highest settings). Since the native resolution of your PC is 1920 x 1080 pixels, fell on a higher, 1920 x 1200 pixel test. Still, its results are still impressive display of class, usually in a position to deliver the games.
Of course, the raw performance of an all-in-one desktop is only half the equation - the screen is big business, too, that one can not replace it. In the case of the Quad Omni 200, three strikes working against it. First, it lacks a touch screen. That might not mean much if you are not interested in the spice to your screen, but the all-in-class has largely migrated to the finger friendly. Secondly, contrast and saturation tend towards the end of the spectrum extremely bright, almost reminiscent of a burnt-out or overworked staining during normal use. And thirdly, balanced sound speakers in the center for music, but not so bad if you try to buy something with the dialog box (like a movie trailer).

Two USB ports and a multiformat card reader sit on one side of the Quad Omni 200 chassis 21.5 inches (it's actually bigger, but we refer here to screen size), while a DVD burner occupies the other side. In the back of the system is a set of connections, including unfortunately very low at only five USB ports and a Gigabit Ethernet port - a rather limited for the types of devices to be connected in an all-in-one. The team does not include Wireless-N, but that's more or less the current standard.

We were surprised that the Omni 200 quad memory, hard disk and optical drive upgrade really. Quick Reference Guide with the system for not observing the details of the case, but the instructions downloaded from the HP site did not provide details. Also check the unit was filled with a wireless keyboard and mouse. Both are common and which do not have extra buttons, but we can call on the wireless side - well done.

To create the Omni 200 Quad, HP took matt Omni 100 all-in-one and updated some of its functions (for a few hundred dollars more). Our core skills are still very strong, however. We are not sold at the Omni Quad 200 pictures or sound quality - is not terrible, but none of them are very beautiful. Although the system is the speed and storage capacity is excellent, its available connections is dull.

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