Hdd Akasa DuoDock 2S USB 3.0 Docking Station review

There are many people who would greatly benefit from buying an external hard drive as a form of storage for backing up their files and store large media files. But the benefits of having a docking station hard drive is limited to a segment of a much smaller market.

Today we DuoDock 2S Akasa HDD dock on our test rig which lets you connect two hard drives on your computer via USB3.0 interface. The two hard drive bays to support both 2.5 "and 3.5" hard drives, making this product as flexible as possible. We will also take a look at the two Akasa USB3.0 port ExpressCard Notebook Adapter, which allows users to add features to their mobile USB3.0 without significant cost.
2S DuoDock with large cardboard box that would be a good level of service with the padding. The box is decorated with blue-green color that looks good and makes the white text stands out well. In front of the box the details of some of the basic features of DuoDock and the rest of the pages to expand further.

In the box we find all the accessories you expect a hard drive docking station. These include an AC adapter, USB3.0 cable and user manual. It is not really something that can reasonably ask the exception of a microfiber cloth to clean all that shiny plastic!

Akasa has chosen to complete the 2S DuoDock a combination of matte and shiny plastic which gives a good compromise between aesthetics and functionality. To the top of the unit is finished in matte silver plastic looks great and resist scratches and fingerprints. The base of the unit, however, is finished in glossy black plastic that looks good for a while, but easily collect dust and scratches over time.

The top of the unit houses the two slots on the hard disk containing the labels of spring to prevent excessive buildup of dust inside. They also provide support for 2.5 "hard drives, ensuring that they do not move when feeding. Button on the device at the other side of the drive bays which is much more accessible than the rear-mounted buttons that appear in many HDD stations link. To the right of the parent is the eject button on the hard drive. USB3.0 two DC-in connections on the back of the unit next to a small button to turn off LED lighting around the base of the unit.

We are impressed by the 2S Akasa DuoDock, as it combines good build quality and attractive design with impressive performance. The flexibility of having two hard drive bays is very valuable for those who need access to multiple drives at the same time - many competing products are uniquely designed training. And the choice of USB3.0 interface lends itself well to many readers, reducing the bandwidth limitations of other interfaces.

Two USB3.0 ExpressCard port that is provided to us for review Akasa has worked flawlessly in our tests, although we question the demand for these products. Most users who need more bandwidth is likely to use or powerful workstation to date with the notebook, which supports USB3.0, however.


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